Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boys weekend

We had a fun and exciting weekend! Brooks is really smiling and responding to us when we talk to him which is SO fun:) This video doesn't actually show much of that, but it talks about it;) and it was too funny not to post!



Thursday it was fairly nice out, Brennan was playing outside after school and decided to get his bike out. I was helping him a little because he still hadn't mastered bike riding last year. Well, this is his year because he's got it down! I was so proud of him, he rode and rode in our driveway (we live on 2 acres out of town so no sidewalks). Friday, he came home from school and really wanted to ride his bike. He was so upset that it was raining and he said "I just have to ride my bike!" So I told him go ride in the rain! I mean, he just had to so what other choice did we have;) Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of him in the rain because Casey was working on his truck in the garage and I was taking care of Brooks, but he rode out there for hours!

Then Saturday, Casey took him to a bike trail down the road from us. He had so much fun! This trail is so amazing! They have a trail that goes around the college campus that is level and pretty short, then they have other trails that has bridges that go over the highway and are longer, part of it goes through a lightly wooded area, which is really peaceful. You just have a lot of options and it is really nice!

He decided yesterday that since he went with daddy Saturday that he and I should go today-so we did! Honestly, I was ready for some exercise (obviously lots of baby weight plus some to lose!) so it was perfect. And gorgeous weather, which I have also been craving!

There was this huge puddle (more like flooding) on the trail and Brennan had a blast riding through it over and over. Needless to say, his tennis shoes were soaked and he was covered in mud! It was a little boys dream:)

Monday, March 9, 2015


I was staring at Brooks asleep in my arms the other night and I found myself in tears-he has the exact same mouth as Reese. I always thought that Reese looked like Brennan and obviously Brooks looks just like Brennan and they have the same mouth, but when I saw his little mouth just the way I've seen it in pictures of Reese it brought on so many emotions.

I'm sure for some, maybe most people, these pictures are hard to look at. To me, they are beautiful. They are important memories of Reese and Scotlyn. Although I saw them alive, I did not see them without tubes. I daydream about what they would look like today and how their little personalities would be, would they would have similar personalities or totally different. How much would they look like their brothers. I feel completely robbed of not only getting to raise my daughters, but getting to raise my twin daughters.  

So when I was staring at this precious gem, I saw his big sister in him. And it made me sad. I wish I could say it makes me happy to be able to see part of her in him, but I'm not there yet. I'm still very sad and I miss Reese and Scotlyn But I am so very grateful to have this little guy. He is a shining light♥

Scotlyn is on the left and Reese is on the right♥

Saturday, March 7, 2015

One Year

 It truly is amazing what a difference one year makes. At exactly this time last year we were a family of three with our two angels in Heaven. 

Now, here we are with our precious little peanut, still in complete awe that he is here, safe and healthy, and that he is ours to keep♥

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Brooks loves his mobile:)


It's one of the things we routinely play with.

and hanging out with his big brother!

We had a fun day. We played in the morning and then after lunch we picked up Brennan and took him to the eye doctor. This is the first time Brooks has gone anywhere other than his own doctor and Maw Maw's house. I knew there wouldn't be many people there and it wouldn't take long so I just kept him in his seat:)

Brennan was having headaches and said he couldn't see the board from the back of the room so I took him in for a test. Casey and I both have glasses so I wouldn't be surprised if he needs them eventually, but thankfully today was not the day! The doctor did say he has large optic nerves which can mean glaucoma later in life, but hopefully not. 

I made Brooks an announcement. I didn't mail any out so here they are!:) He had his 2 month shots on Saturday and he weighed 8lb 9oz so he is still growing well. He is starting to smile more and I just love my time with him♥

Thursday, February 26, 2015

One month

Brooks was one month, adjusted, on Monday. We've been spending our time snuggling and playing with this little man:)

He's so sweet! He gets to kicking his legs and moving his arms, so cute!

I woke up to this face around 4:30am one day-such a precious little face.

Brennan being silly acting like a baby.

Brooks was mad that Brennan was playing with his mobile;) Not really, but this picture makes me laugh. Not that I want to see my babe crying (and believe me it wasn't for long!), but these 2 are so funny!

We had some snow flurries today so I had to make sure my birdies had some food:)

They were waiting on the deck for their turn at the bird feeder.

I knew we had one male cardinal and a female cardinal, but today I saw two males. So pretty.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day

We finally got some snow! Even though it"s just about gone, I still wanted to share. Our neighbor is very kind and drives his tractor over and shovels our driveway. Brennan loves to play in the pile that is left behind!

I don't care for a lot of snow, but one good one is nice for Brennan to get to go out and play. Then I'm ready for spring!

Casey and Brennan had a snow ball fight:)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What 3 months looks like

3 months for Brooks looks like 8lbs of sweetness!

The nurse came to the house today to give his synagis (to help with the severity of RSV should he get it), which is a shot in the muscle similar to a vaccination-poor guy:( He did pretty good though, cried a little, but settled pretty easily. Thankfully we didn't have to get him out to get it because it is ZERO degrees here-eek!!! 

Brennan's school got called off today and I was so glad! I was hoping he would get called of school on one of my days off last week, but he didn't and I said last night I bet they would call off for the cold weather and they did! He has another cold, unfortunately, so I have been sanitizing and reminding him to wash/sanitize. He is good about not getting close to Brooks, but it was so nice the short time that he was well that we didn't have to worry about that and he could love on him again! He must have picked it up last weekend because he was sick before he went back to school this week. 

His sweet sleepy self♥