Saturday, April 18, 2015

5 whole months!

Hi Guys! Can you believe I'm already 5 months old?! My mom can't either. She  is always saying saying that time goes by too fast, but I'm just hanging out and enjoying exploring the things around me. I am learning all the time and it's a lot of fun! Mommy is always kissing me and me telling me how sweet I am-she loves to snuggle with me!

This is my blue bird, I love to stare at him! 

I don't know why my mom sits me in my bouncy seat for pictures, she's always trying to get me to look at this big black thing, but that thing is pretty boring so I watch my birds instead!

I'm getting real big. I gained one pound since the nurse was here about a month ago. So now I am 10lbs 9oz. Mommy said I'm not gaining quite as much as I had been because I am sleeping longer at night and not taking as many bottles. That getting up every 3 hours is for the birds-I'm a big boy now and I am ready to sleep longer! Sometimes I eat a little more during the day to make up for it, I mean I am still a growing boy;)

The other day when we were at my doctor appointment at the big hospital, they said I should be starting to roll over and some other stuff, but I'm really good with just chilling when I'm playing. I heard them say I need physical and occupational therapy. I'm not really sure what that is, but it doesn't sound fun. If it's anything like this tummy time I have to do around here, no thanks!  

I take the biggest, meanest poops! Mommy can't believe I haven't had a blow-out, what she does't know is that I'm saving it for the worst time like when we're out in public or something-yeah that sounds like it might freak her out;)

I LOVE my family! They take the best care of me! I stay with my maw maw when mommy and daddy work and GiGi watches me some days too. My brother makes me laugh and he is always giving me kisses-it makes me feel so special.

I think I'm a lot of fun these days. I love to smile and I am very ticklish! I used to not like getting undressed or dressed, but now I giggle every time I get nakey-it feels so tickly when you take off my clothes! I still really don't like baths so mommy just gives me a sponge bath and I don't mind that at all. I heard we will be swimming a lot this summer and I need to get used to the water, but I have other plans-like chilling poolside;)

So that about sums me up at 5 months. My adjusted age is 3 months on the 23rd. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Everything in One

I'm waaaay overdue and I think about blogging all the time, but just have a hard time getting to it. I really try to maximize my time with my guys since I work during the day and I get up so early (and through the night) that I am exhausted in the evening. It's all I have to get everything ready for the next day.

I will start with Brooks turning 4 months old a few days after my last post. (and now he will be 5 months in less than a week...whaaaaaat??) This was him on his 4 month birthday. (Finally got those monthly ties!) I worked the day he turned 4 months and he happened to be up and smiley around 4am so I snapped some pictures then. In the evenings, he had been a little unpredictable, he was either fussy or sleeping so I wanted to get a decent picture of him:) It seems like we might be heading into maybe more awake/happy times in the evening. Work has been really hard for me because I am gone all day and since Brooks has been colicky in the evenings (or sleeping) I had been feeling like I wasn't getting a lot of good time with him.

Brennan happened to be awake at 4 as well. They were mad at me because I was using the flash. Believe it or not, Casey is sleeping right next to where Brennan is laying and had no clue about this photo session.

When I was able to take some better pictures, he insisted on staring at his birds instead of me. They hang on his bouncy seat and he just loves them, always has. 

My BFF, Kate got him this outfit with this hat which is obviously ginormous, but I had to get a pic of him in it. One day soon (too soon) he will fit in it and I can look back and compare. Kind of like the picture of him in this same outfit on the day he came home that I posted below. You will be shocked when you see the comparison.

Oh this smile, it has brought so many smiles to our faces♥

OH MY GOSH, you guys-look at this. How, HOW did my teeny peanut get SO big SO fast?? These pictures are less than 3 months apart. Brooks came home from the hospital on January 6th. The pictures above were on March 29th. Oh my sweet sweet boy.

On March 19th, he got his last synagis shot and we had our last nurse visit. He was 9lbs 9oz. So if he is gaining 5-7oz/week like he should be and has been, he should be at least 10 1/2lbs. He has a newborn medicine (NICU follow up) Thursday so we will see:)

Oh these boys, they love each other soooo much, it's crazy. No matter what is going on, who is talking, the only thing he focuses on is Brennan. He just stares at him, listening to every word, watching every move. 

Brennan loves to make Brooks laugh, but his favorite thing is to give him kisses. I will be carrying Brooks around and he will be asleep, awake, crying and Brennan is coming up kissing his little head. Melts my heart♥

This day, I had a dentist appointment and I took Brooks with me. We have what feels like a million appointments between the last 2 weeks and next few weeks. It's so annoying because I don't get a lot of days off with him and they are being spent running around. I'm not going to find someone to babysit him because I want to be with him and I really don't have a lot of babysitters anyway. So anyway, the dentist doesn't seem all that important and I honestly thought about putting it off a little, but I would still be in the same boat and getting my teeth cleaned is very important to me. I'm 33 and I have never had a cavity. I think some people are just born with good/bad teeth and I happen to have good teeth and am by no means super about keeping them spotless between time, but my cleanings are important. I was a little nervous about taking him, he is not really on a schedule, doesn't always nap even when he is tired and should nap so I had no idea how it would go, but he did great! He was like a dream. I have to take an antibiotic an hour before my cleaning now since my hip replacement. I thought I had refills, but I called the evening before and I didn't and the doctor and dentist offices were closed so I had to wait until morning to get a refill and my medicine. My appointment was at 9:45 so I didn't have a lot of time before to get my medicine. I called immediately when the office opened and we left right after so I could get it an hour before my appointment. We don't live close enough to go back home so then we had to wait an hour for my appointment. Since it was close to the pharmacy, we just waited in the car in the parking lot of the dentist. I got in the back seat and got Brooks out of his car seat and we played for about 30 minutes, I didn't want to drive around and him fall asleep because I wanted him to sleep during my appointment. 

Then I fed him his bottle and put him in his seat and went in. 

I checked in and stood in the waiting room and rocked him in the his car seat until he fell asleep. I knew there wouldn't be a lot of people in the waiting area because my dentist is the only one and he has a small practice. Although there was an older lady who asked "What do you have in there?" Well, it's a baby-surprise! :) So then he slept, the whole time. It was perfect. I knew if he were awake, he would cry and it's kind of hard to get your teeth cleaned while holding a baby. He doesn't mind his car seat, if it's in the car moving or he is being entertained. 

Then I recently had a GYN appointment that he wasn't quite so happy at:) My doctor was excited to see him though because he delivered Brennan and I saw him for the first part of my pregnancy with Reese and Scotlyn and he didn't know I even had another pregnancy. 

So Thursday we have his newborn medicine appointment AND a follow up appointment for my hip. I had my hip appointment scheduled this last Thursday, but I was so sick I couldn't go. More on that later. So we have 2 appointments, it will be interesting to see how that goes. I didn't want to waste another day and we would already be in St Louis so I hope he does okay. I guess we will see.

So moving onto Easter, we did some fun stuff. I, of course, always like Bren to do at least one hunt, see the bunny, I mean the years left that he is even interested in the Easter bunny might be zero :( We dye eggs and I always try to get  a fun kit. So I think we did pretty good. 

Here he is before a hunt with his BFF's. He also got to do another hunt and lots of fun activities with my BFF, Amanda and her kids. 

Brooks even helped us dye eggs:)

We got a kit with mustaches. Brennan's was Mr Green Pants...

Mine is Mr Eggington

Brooks posed with both of them:)

The boys both got new Easter baskets this year. I saw a good deal on personalized ones and figured they could use them for Halloween too. Then they did get a lot of stuff. I got Brooks the activity mat on clearance a while back and one of the toys in his bag was on clearance, the rest was actually blocks of Brennans that I washed up and Brennan didn't even notice;) Brennan needed rain boots and he was starting soccer the Tuesday after and needed a soccer ball so we just added that to it. He also got a pencil pouch, which he has been begging for. "Mom, can I please look on amazon for a pencil pouch" So I've been holding him off, but he was more excited about the highlighters! I got him a big pack of different colors. He is obsessed with school supplies! I actually like the highlighters as well because he likes me to write him notes in the morning when I work (because I leave so early that he is not supposed to see me in the morning, however he insists on getting up at 5am so then he does see me and the point of a note is moot, however I try to leave jokes so he does like them) anyway, it's been fun having neon colors to write with:)

Here are the boys on Easter. Brooks was not a fan of pictures that day, like at all. So these were about the 2 best shots we got:)

This was after the 3rd attempt (and by 3rd attempt, I don't mean 3rd picture, I mean 3rd time we sat in this spot to try to get a picture) and I was previously wearing a mask since I've been sick, but only took it off for the picture. This was actually the day I felt the best all week.

So, I try SO hard not to get sick. I am a germaphobe anyway, but with Brooks I definitely have not wanted to bring anything home. Well, I came down with one of the worst illnesses ever. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a fever in my life (that I know of) and I started with one last Saturday, along with headache, body aches, congestion, sore throat-I was miserable. I slept all day Saturday. I did get up a couple of times with Brooks, but wore a mask and Casey took care of him most of the other time. Casey had been sick too so I wouldn't let him near Brooks, but when I was worse than he was, I told Casey that Brooks was probably better off with him:( 

Easter Sunday I was feeling a little better. I was thinking I probably had influenza and almost went to Urgent Care to get tamiflu, but decided it probably really wasn't worth the bill. I would only do it if it would lessen Brooks' chance of getting sick (me with symptoms for less time), but that was kind of unlikely. And I was feeling better. Well, the rest of the week just went downhill. I was off Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is when I had my GYN appointment and I didn't feel very good, I was worn down and tired. By Thursday, I had a fever again and I was miserable, just as bad if not worse than when it started. I had to call Casey to come home from work because I just could not take care of Brooks and I was so afraid of passing it on to him. He couldn't come home until lunch and it seemed like forever. I felt so bad for Brooks because I was just doing the minimum to take care of him trying to keep my distance and I just had zero energy. He wasn't napping well so I couldn't lay down. I did finally nap for about 45 minutes and then showered when Casey got home. Luckily my mom got off early and stopped by, she was originally going to watch Brooks while I went to the doctor, but she ended up having to take me to the doctor because I was so weak. My doctor swabbed me for flu and it was negative, but he said since my symptoms started so much earlier, it may be a false negative since so much time had passed. He did find that I have an ear infection. I have had at least 20 ear infections in my life. I had them all the time as a child and have continued to have them as an adult, I've had ear tubes as a child and an adult. I did feel some pressure in that ear, but not like usual. I have had some pain since then though. I'm thinking that is what was causing the fever the second time around because as soon as I started the antibiotics, the fever got better. My ear has been popping and draining (ew I know) and this evening, I am finally feeling like I am getting better. Still not 100% and I have a terrible cough, but better than I was so I'll take it!

Here is Brooks, still smiling at me even though I look scary (or maybe funny) in my mask.

So there's ten posts in one;) Goodnight!