Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Day at the Park!

What a beautiful day! Here I was talking about the great weather in Mississippi in December and then it was so nice out today. Casey and I took Brennan to the park today and had a great time! Brennan LOVED the swing! He also could not stop walking the track. He walked back and forth and did not want to get in the car to go home. Now that he has really started motoring, he doesn't want to stop :) I added some pictures, of course there are more, but these are my favs.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey ya'll! I started off with that because we just got back from Mississippi today :) It was a really good trip. We debated about going because we weren't sure how Brennan would do with the long drive, but he did WONDERFUL! He is such a laid back baby, but he just started really walking and he is cutting some major teeth! It is a 7 hour drive one way, plus we had to drive another 3 hours the day after we got there. I just wasn't sure how he would tolerate it. He did really good though and it was great to see everyone. We played a very fun game with the whole family the night we got there, dirty santa/rob your neighbor. I managed to get a new book for Brennan, one of mom's favs from when she was little. Edith and Mr. Bear...great story! The reason we took the trip down is because my aunt is turning 40 Wednesday so we went down for her surprise birthday party, and she was surprised!! The weather was so nice, high 70's...wish it was like that here in December! We did get to drive along the coast for a bit and there are still some very obvious devastating effects from Hurricane Katrina. It is so sad that after this long, houses and businesses still have so much damage to their properties. As well as just crumbles of houses and buldings that still lay :( Heartbreaking!

On a lighter note, we had a fabulous Christmas. We got to visit with everyone, of course there's never enough time. We are thankful we have so much family to share our time with though. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone was feeling well and we are also very thankful for that! Brennan had a lot of fun opening presents this year. He got a lot of really neat stuff. Now where to put it?! We decided to switch rooms with Brennan. He is now upstairs. I really like it. He is using the loft area for his toyroom and still has plenty of room in his bedroom for toys too.

He is now 18 months, time goes by so fast. The last year and half has been the most amazing time in my (and I'm pretty sure I can speak for Casey) so OUR lives!! We have one happy, strong, healthy, beautiful little boy!! We are so thankful! We cannot imagine life without him and we are so lucky to have him! He has one amazing personality, too! He has just started talking, repeating so many things we say as well as talking on his own. He says 'thank you' and at the appropriate times :) We just cannot wait to see what is in store for us as he continues to learn and grow!

I figured this first one would be a long one, but check back for more updates. I will get some more pictures on here soon. Feel free to comment as well :)