Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Joker

After we read this Batman book, Brennan was questioning why The Joker had a joker card (not being familiar with a joker). I got a deck of cards and explained it to him and he started mimicking The Joker with his own joker card...I love his little imagination!:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Worms and Dirt

Brennan found this worm on Saturday when he was outside working in the yard with Casey. They put him in a jar and with some dirt. 

I asked Brennan what his name is and he said "Skinny"! LOVE IT!

The worm appeared to be getting a little sluggish so Casey decided the worm needed more moisture and to be in the fridge to cool off. Good thinking daddy! 

I think it worked because he is still kickin' and yes we still have a worm inhabiting our refrigerator...I am trying to convince Brennan to let him go because he is probably hungry!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brennan got a birdhouse kit for Easter from my grandparents, what a great idea! 

Uncle RJ and Brennan painted it together.

Brennan loves oceans so he wanted an ocean scene with sharks and fish:) Here is the start of his ocean.

RJ making his ocean...

Here is Brennan's finished ocean scene, complete with water, sharks, fish and a sun!

It is a great addition to our backyard:)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun Times:)

I have to replay the sequence of events here, it's quite comical (to me anyway). It really was such a fun moment for us and I don't want to forget it. Even though it seems small, to me it is big. (There is a quote that says this same thing and it is one of my favorites because it is so true!)

Anyway, Brennan and Casey were snuggled on the couch and I really wanted a picture of them. They weren't cooperating...Casey is pretending to sleep while Brennan is hiding. 

Here, I am acting a little goofy to try to get them to smile...

Ok, "goochie goochie goo" (in a semi obnoxious way) is starting to work...

BUT, they are trying really really hard not to smile {even though I am pretty hilarious!:)}

Okay, if only I had a video of myself here (although I'm sure I wouldn't post it, Casey insists that he would!) I am behind the camera being completely and utterly obnoxious shouting "Booga, Booga, Booga!" 
HA, it worked!! They aren't smiling at the camera, but this is even better! I won and got them to smile and got a super adorable picture out of it! Mission accomplished!:)

Here they are hiding because they know they can no longer contain their laughter:)

I fought the blanket away and was at least able to reveal this one!:)

Fun times!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taking care of June

Brennan was acting as a little veterinarian today:)

A few weeks ago, June was outside and got into a quarrel with the neighbor's cat. Well, she appeared fine at first, but by the end of the week she was acting ill and couldn't lay down. She would cry in pain and get right back up. She couldn't even lay down to sleep:( I took her to the vet and she had a fever. He still didn't know the cause, but thought maybe she had a small scratch that we couldn't see that got infected. She would growl at us any time we would touch her stomach so I still she had abscesses in her tummy:( She got a shot of antibiotics, which for cats apparently lasts a couple of weeks. She is so much better!

Today, Brennan was using his medical kit to listen to her with a stethoscope, take her temperature in her ear, and she got another shot of antibiotics! She also got a bandaid on her paw:)

She was actually pretty cooperative which is surprising for her because she is a pretty finicky cat.

Then he got a page on his emergency pager and needed to tend to Big Bear:)

He is so much fun to play with and has such a fun imagination!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bears, Children, and Heaven

Brennan and I were in his bedroom at bedtime the other night and he told me that all of his bears are boys. Except Reese and Scotlyns' bears and bunnies, which are girls. He continues on saying how he wished Reese and Scotlyn were here to play with their bears and bunnies. I, of course, told him I wish more than anything in the whole world that they were here to play with them, too and to play with him. He sat up and said "Remember in the hospital when there was music and Scotlyn was like this" He was shaking his arms in the air. I said "She was dancing?" He said "no" and he laid down with his arms laying over his head (the way she was laying in her isolette) with his lips sort of puckered (I'm assuming mimicking the ET tube) and said mm mm mm mm and I don't know what else he could be talking about other than when Reese was on the oscillator. Sigh. He does bring up when I was in the hospital occasionally, however he has never been so detailed.

Then yesterday, Brennan was reading a BOB book to me and it was about a mom and dad who have ten kids. He was reading along and he stopped and paused, then said "You have one kid." I told him that no I actually have 3 children, that Reese and Scotlyn are my children too even though they are not here on earth. So he kept saying "So you had 3 children, but now you only have one child." Then he repeated it again, "You have one child here and two children in heaven." Yes, that's true...unfortunately.

I took Reese and Scotlyn's butterflies from Christmas to their grave on Easter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Tuesday

We had a very eventful and productive day today. We started the day off with a painting project...very messy, but very fun!:) I wish I could post pictures because it's soooo cute, but it's a gift and I don't want to spoil it:)

Then we went to the Y and I did a class with a friend while Brennan played in the playroom with her kids. We came home and played a bit, practiced reading and then my sister stopped by with her puppy:)

Isn't she cute?!

Her name is Colby, Brennan loved playing with her.

<3 these two

Then we did a little playing in the water table, which has been a favorite of ours lately! Brennan has been so into the ocean and anything having to do with the ocean animals, this is the perfect scene for his imagination.

You might be wondering what this strange stuff is...actually I'm not sure the real name, but in our ocean-it is kelp:)

Then Brennan decided we needed to bake something. He originally wanted to bake gingerbread men, but I didn't have the energy ingredients to make those so he settled on blueberry muffins, the just add milk kind.

We also did a little math lesson, fractions:) These are the times that I get most excited about homeschooling-I get to spend the days with my favorite boy and use fun opportunities like this to teach him.

Bereaved Mommy Link Up

My friend and fellow baby loss momma, Tesha, is doing a Tuesday link up to help grieving mommies get connected. She has such encouraging and comforting words and is such an inspiration to the baby loss world. Thank you Tesha for taking the time to reach out to everyone!

Tesha's treasures

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunshine and watermelon

It seems like we're always planning something to do or somewhere to be. I forget that sometimes the best times are just staying home.

Staying home and enjoying the sunshine and a piece of watermelon is just as fun as anywhere else:)