Wednesday, June 24, 2015

8th Birthday!

Last Thursday we celebrated Brennan's 8th birthday! I can't believe how big he is getting...sigh. I think he had a fun birthday celebration. The night before his birthday he got to have his 2 best friends over to spend the night. It wasn't long before these boys found some frogs after a recent rain:)

They were so sweet and loved playing with Brooks! Brook also turned 7 months on Brennan's birthday-they were both born on the 18th:) I am going to do a separate post about his sweet 7 month self!

Brooks liked playing with the big boys too!

Grady is soooo funny! He loves to fish!! He was holding the mobile for Brooks and Brooks would grab at the animals so Grady said "I got a fish on the line!"

We also went to the neighbors and fed the chickens-the had so much fun!

Tiger went along, too.

They got to play with sparklers when it got dark.

Brennan got a mini electric guitar and a mini amp for his birthday. He also got a Nintendo DS. I actually got the DS for free from the hospital when Brooks was in the NICU. It was awesome, for Christmas they had this huge room of toys and you got these tickets and could spend them on whatever and they were offering the DS so I grabbed one. For his screen time he usually chooses Minecraft so I was hesitant to get him another game-we limit as it is, but we will be going on a trip in August so I figured he could use it in the car, it will give him one more thing to do then. So anyway, I would say he got some pretty awesome presents!

After he opened presents, they had waffles for breakfast and played some more. My mom's friend was having a garage sale and she had some books for Brennan so we stopped by there. Each boy got a book, so they were pretty excited about that. We ate lunch at McDonald's which is always a hit!

Brennan decided he wanted to play laser tag and arcade games so we went to a local place that has both. They played some arcade games first and then played laser tag and then more arcade games-phew! 

Right before laser tag.

It was hard to get pictures because they were running around and I was following them while wearing Brooks and it was dark. But you can see Brody to the left shooting:)

Here, Brennan is on the lookout while Brody is shooting.

More games!

Then we went for ice cream at a local ice cream parlor. Brooks was soooo good the whole day! I just wore him in the carrier during laser tag and while they played games and he loved watching all the action. He was ready to go home and take a good nap in his bed though by the time we were done:)

Then back home to play some more!

Brennan wanted Imo's for dinner and after Imo's, he wanted to get more presents with a gift card he got for his birthday to Target-as if he needs any more toys!:)

He did get Disney Infinity which I wasn't super crazy about because it's another video game, but it was super cheap and he just has to choose what he will spend him time playing. I did buy Mario Chess because he has been wanting to learn and I thought it would be a fun way for him, but I need someone to teach me! I am in the process of learning-thank goodness for youtube!

So overall, I think he had a really fun birthday! I tried to make it lots of fun. He had his party on Saturday and he had a lot of fun there too:)

Awesome Minecraft 3D painting my friend, Adam, painted (with GiGi photobombing)

Aunt Owly with her boys:)

The Turtles:) Casey made nunchuks for party favors.

Brennan with his cousins-we took a cousin picture because Alex was the only girl;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Random stuffs

Again, I started this post last week I think which was still late, but these are all pictures over the last month or so. We stay busy!! 

Here we are playing a game and Brooks was hanging out watching:)

Oh and playing-he's the big boy now!

Here is Brennan on his last day of 2nd grade! I can't believe he will be moving out of our districts Primary Center into the big kid school...sigh.

Daddy and Brennan love playing basketball and Brooks like to cheer them on:)

We found a baby bird nest in a tree in our front yard. There was one last year so I decided to check it out and there they were! 

This was only 6 days later-they grew so fast! The next time we checked they had flown away! That poor mama bird-and I'm struggling with how fast my babies are growing!

Brooks and paw paw

My sleeping angel♥

Brooks has been getting physical therapy at home once a week for a few weeks now. He had a crew of people come-physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy and a coordinator to discuss what all he needed. These gals don't mess around! Early Intervention Program has been amazing from day 1! When I first met with the coordinator I got to pick all of his therapists from a binder. It's hard to decide without meeting them, but I chose ones that had experience with NICU babies and sensory development because those are Brooks' main concerns. He had a 50% delay in PT, a 75% delay in OT and 25% delay for development and that was all based on his corrected age. We all decided that we would just focus on physical therapy because they felt his OT delay would improve with physical therapy. So we chose Miss Patty and she has been so wonderful! She has personal experience with sensory issues so she has helped give other ideas about eating and sleeping and she has given us good exercises to use in our daily routine for his physical development.

He wasn't so sure of Miss Patty on her first visit, but he warmed up quick and she makes it fun and she is really in tune to his sensitivities:)

This is his wedge for tummy time. He isn't laying completely flat so he doesn't mind tummy time as much. He started out at a few minutes and now he is at 10 minutes! Miss Patty is really happy with his progress and so am I:)

The bond between these 2 grows stronger every day. Brennan loves to entertain Brooks and he loves playing with him! I think he is feeling more comfortable now that the colds are gone and Brooks is bigger.

Brooks is SO happy and playful! His colic is so much better. He does have some particulars that he need to comfort him, but as long as you know what they are-he is a really happy and content baby.

He has some funny little faces too!

We went to a picnic at my mom's work a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot fun!

They had this fun battle war bouncy thing.

Terrible pic of me but Brooks' face ha!

A girl I work with knows the sweet spot to this guys heart:)

Sometimes we hang out in the yard..naked for the baby of course:)

2 little roses from my rose bush that were right next to each other, reminded me of Reese and Scotlyn.

Brooks got a fan for his stroller. He is such a hot little baby that I knew this would come in handy this summer! It really does cool it off in there and he loves it! 

Bren and I go for bike rides at the trail near our house. It's so nice and relaxing. Brennan got a bigger bike for his birthday so he loves riding it!

We have also been walking over to our neighbors house to feed their chickens. Brooks loves riding in the carrier

Mostly, I cannot get enough of these two! I so enjoy our time together! Which is why I have a hard time getting on here to post! And why this post is super random!:)