Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun Packing!

Not really, but my little bundle of sweetness makes most anything fun :) The next week is going to be pretty crazy so thought I would post these photos I got of him today.

Monday, March 9, 2009

♥ Little Sweeties! ♥

Had to post some more pictures of these cuties! It took me a while to get these uploaded, but here they are. Note, Brennan's newest and cutest friend, Clara. She is quite the doll! Brennan has a special bond with her as they were both preemies. See how he loves on her, too sweet! ♥

Casey turns 30!!

It has been a while since I posted. It is quite busy around here and is about to get a lot more hectic. We have a contract on our house and are due to close in 18 days. We are very excited to get started building the home we will hopefully be spending the rest of our lives in. I had a surprise 30th birthday party for Casey this weekend. It was a blast! He was indeed surprised and had a wonderful time! I wanted to spice it up a bit so I had everyone dress as a movie character and we had quite the assortment of interesting and funny costumes. Casey was Wooderson (Matthew Mcconaughey) in Dazed and Confused. I think I won wifey of the year award for this party :) Enjoy the pics!