Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love this boy!

Here is Brennan holding the kitty on the way home:)

Snuggling in bed

Sleepy baby♥

Meeting Boots

Best friends!

He has stolen all of our hearts...

even Casey:)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kitty friend

I wanted to post sooner, but I never get on my computer and it is so annoying to blog on my phone, but we picked this little dude up last weekend. Isn't he adorable! I love him soooo much! He is such a snuggler:) We still have Boots, but we wanted to kitten that we could socialize to be a cat that Brennan could pet...without getting scratched! 

He has been quite a bit of work. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for my recovery. I am getting along a lot better (still barely using a cane), but I can't bend over. Well I can, but I have to kick my leg back and it's just still a bit more work. Anyway, he is adjusting to our house and will eventually be outside with Boots. They have been mingling through the screen in our patio door so hopefully once they officially meet with no barrier there will be no surprises or fights:)

I guess his name is Bandit, Brennan has changed it though so we need to make it official soon.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random happenings

This guys hair got a little out of control....

So Brennan gave him a trim

Love his buzz cut:)

I have been continuing my "I love parade" lifts along many other various exercises. Casey and I have joked about this exercise since day one. I have been able to start the exercises I couldn't do last week along with more new ones and they are making me pretty sore. I am having some issues with my knee tracking as well as the muscle needing to be stretched. I have pain when I put full pressure on my leg which makes it hard to start walking on my own. So I have been doing some exercises to strengthen that. I am taking some steps (limping) on my own which is very exciting.

Brennan got his first swim under his belt at GiGi's last weekend. He had so much fun!

Brody started coming over again-yay! However today is his mom's last day of school, but I am sure we will still play this summer:) 

This guy snuck in my bed again the other night. Oh how I do love to watch him sleep♥

Bug hunting has begun!

Brennan started tball and this was his blue gatorade mustache after his game last night:) I will post some in his uniform soon

This female cardinal frequents our bird feeder quite often, along with her boyfriend. They are so cute, they are always together and sometimes sit on the posts of our deck and eat together:)

Remember Wes? He came over to play yesterday with his sister Molly:)

The kids had a lot of fun and it was so nice to catch up with my BFF Dani!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Promise Walk

I know I said I would have pictures the day of the walk, but I didn't take my camera (let's face it, it's challenging enough getting around much less with my honkin' camera). Plus I don't really sit at my computer much and it is a huge pain to blog from my phone-excuses excuses. Anyway, I am finally here.  I don't have a picture of my whole team, although I have pictures from my whole team here. The photographer has a team picture, but I haven't gotten those yet. It was my 3rd time out and it went well. The worst part was the car because it's a 45 miniute to hour drive and sitting for a long time is no fun. I volunteered last year and wanted to again this yr but didn't really get to help with planning so I said I would do what I could at the walk. I manned the raffle ticket/merchandise table and it went well. I couldn't walk anyway so I am glad I was useful with something.

Me and my mom:)

My BFF's Amanda and Adam with their kids, Bella, Olivia, and Jack.

Brennan had a lot of fun playing with Bella and Olivia!

My friends Denise and Renee with my mom:)

I'm such a dope, I didn't get a family picture at the walk so I had one taken after we got home:)

I love this. We had a board last year to write on, but this year they had these sweet butterflies to decorate. Amanda and my mom made butterflies for Reese and Scotlyn♥

I was feeling bad that Brennan didn't have one on the survivors board (since I was working a lot of the time it was hard to get away), but Amanda made one for Brennan, Casey and I-thank you Amanda!

I raised the most money so I was crowned PROMise Queen:) I got a bag full of goodies including wine, Disney store gift Card, Beauty Salon Spa package and more. I couldn't have done it without my amazing friends and family who donated! Thank you so much to everyone who walked and donated!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Monday was our anniversary, but Brennan had t-ball practice and we planned to go to that, but Casey came home and was not feeling well so we waited until Tuesday to go to dinner anyway. It went pretty well-it was only my second time going out. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse. I couldn't sit in any booths because they were too low and would break my hip precautions. He said the chairs were even lower and I am not comfortable sitting in a chair with no handles yet anyway so we sat at the bar. Apparently kids aren't supposed to sit at the bar-I guess it's inappropriate or something, but they let us anyway-under the circumstances;)

When I was getting in the car I think I moved a little too fast and felt like I tweaked a muscle. So then I was worried I did something wrong because I was having muscle pains I wasn't having before. Wednesday I was still having the same pains, but then when I was doing my exercises Wednesday night, all of a sudden they were gone. It makes me worried about going anywhere! Stupid hip precautions! I cannot wait for 9 more weeks to be done with them!

PT came yesterday and she has been trying to give me new exercises, but I'm not ready:( I think normally I would be, but I have this weak tendon or tendonitis and the inside of my right leg is weak and that is what is keeping me from being able to put full weight on it without anything. So disappointing because I am starting to feel like I am going to walk with an assisstive device forever:/ She did give me some exercises to strengthen that tendon. She ordered me a cane, but it isn't in yet so she gave me a loaner. Yesterday when she was here I was a  little nervous and unsteady using it,  but have been trying to use it today and it has gone pretty well. The crutch is so much more sturdy, but I think I rely on it too much where the cane I have to do more work. She keeps telling me not to push, but I just want to walk on my own!! I really have been resting and not pushing too much, I don't want to set myself back.

The nurse has still been coming out and drawing my blood. I had to increase my coumadin dose because my levels were low, but I am finished with it next weekend. I still have steri strips on my incision, but it seems to be healing well. Only 3 more weeks of the ted hose and Casey is ready. I think that is his least favorite part of taking care me:)

Tomorrow is the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia and we are going. Hopefully I do well. Everyone has been so great and we have had so many donations! I will post some pictures tomorrow:)

Monday, May 13, 2013

♥7 years♥

Today is our 7 year wedding anniversary!

We have been together for 10 years and it is crazy to think about the things we have been through in the last 10 years. We have definitely been through a lot of things that could have torn our marriage apart and I am so happy that we have been able to hold each others hand through all of it. Not that our marriage is perfect every moment, I'm not sure anyone's is, but we have survived the most devastating things that can happen to two people.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

There is always a sadness to each day that I don't get to spend with my beautiful babies. I miss them so much in everything we do. This morning Brennan and Casey came in with my cards and I couldn't help, but wonder what it would be like to have two 2 year old little girls coming in with their little artwork and special words on this special day. I miss them so much.

Courtesy of the amazing Carly Dudley

Brennan painted this for me for Mother's day:)

Me and my little love♥

Saturday, May 11, 2013

2 weeks

Yesterday was 2 weeks since my surgery. I remember PT saying 2 weeks I would notIice a turnaround. It really was sort of like magic. I started new exercises this week and have slowly noticing being able to walk more and sometimes even feeling better being up. My muscles aren't really sore anymore. They just get tired from walking, but sitting and laying has really been putting a lot of pressure on my incision. I got my staples out Thursday and now have steri strips. No daily dressing changes or waterproof dressings to shower. I do have line along where the edge of the tape was that took my skin with it. So far it seems to be healing ok. The PTA ordered me a cane and should be in later this week. I have been going good with one crutch so i am hoping to skip over it, but thought I better get it just in case. I cant remember if I mentioned this, but my right leg (surgery leg) feels longer than my left. I was a little worried in the beginning although I figured there was an explanation. The PT said my hips were not aligned before surgery because of the way I was walking/limping and they are in line now and the exercises will stretch everything back. Totally makes sense. Well, I was still not walking right after surgery to make up for the feeling of the length difference. Luckily the PTA noticed this week so I have really been concentrating keeping my feet in line like they should be. Its really like learning to walk again!

Casey found the do and don't instructions for other exercises-haha

Brennan had ALOT of fun stomping in puddles this week after all the rain we got recently:)

Bren 10 got a new Ben 10 toy! Mawmaw and Aunt Ally took him to get a prize.

My friend Amy came for a visit and she got us lunch and did my dishes and brought me this beautiful plant:)

Carter and Brennan had fun playing together!

My go go gadget arm has really come in handy. It pretty much helps pick up anything!

Brennan (and I) enjoy listening to Casey play guitar. Today was the first time he played in a long time, hopefully he will more often now:)

Today i ventured out for the first time since i have been home. We did a little shopping and returned some things. I had bought 2 new swim suits for our trip, but that was canceled and i dont see any swimming in the near future so i figured i would just look again closer to a time I might actually need them. Anyway, I did really good! Walking didnt even bother me too much other than crutches are so annoying and my muscles tired out at times. The worst part was the pressure on my Incision when i was sitting in the car. I feel like it wont be much longer before i am walking on my own, but i know i still have some strengthening to do. 

My family went to my cousins wedding in Mississippi and on to their beach vacay and she was sending me pics  So i sent her this-imagining i was on the beach:)

And this guy fell asleep in our bed tonight after we read stories, we get to snuggle:)