Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BFF Tattoos

That's right, one of those feet are mine! One of my bestest friends turns 35 today and she texted us a couple of days ago and said she wanted us to all get BFF tattoos and we did! The anchors symbolize a strong foundation and that we will never drift apart:)

Here is the birthday girl-she went first! We are about half and half for first tattoos and this was her first! Happy Birthday Kate!!

There were 7 of us that got tattoos, one friend lives in Georgia so we will go with her when she gets home and another friend will get hers then, too. We also had a friend there that didn't get one, but she was our team spirit and wore her anchor dress to cheer us on!:) 

I would say that almost 20 years of friendship is a pretty solid foundation! 

We've experienced first jobs together.


College visits


Girls Trips



And raising our kids together!

To many more memories with these lovely ladies!

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