Monday, December 31, 2012

From Sand to Snow

Brennan has gotten the best of both worlds, the beach a couple of days ago and snow when we got home. He is in Heaven!

Friday, I took Brennan and my cousin Maggie down to the beach.

The water was cold, but they didn't care! They hiked up their pants and played away!

We found a sand snowman!

Then Saturday we went down to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

My cousin Leyna and Brennan with the sandman

As soon as we got home last night, Brennan wanted to go out and play in the snow-it was dark and very cold so I convinced him to wait until this morning.

At 6am, as soon as he woke up he was begging to go out and play in the snow!

He found an icefall out of the drain pipe

We found some deer tracks too:)

Last year we didn't get much snow so I'm glad he is getting to play this year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

All about Christmas

We left the day after Christmas to travel south for the winter:) We visited lots of family in Mississippi and had the best time! I intended on posting a little while we were there, but it's always so busy I should have known there wouldn't be time. Anyway, this is our Christmas loaded with pictures!

This was the first night we decorated...Brennan loves this snowman! Maw maw made it and he is a fun friend to have around at Christmastime.

The train is a another favorite part of Christmas:)

The elf enjoyed the train too:)

Bringing Brennan Angry Bird pajamas.

He got a little unruly...

Hanging Reese and Scotlyn's ornaments♥

My silly boy

Brennan with his own little tree in his bedroom:)

Mawmaw made this awesome lighted "W"

Brennan gets up really early most mornings, this was one morning we were sitting by the tree talking. He gave Reese and Scotlyns' ornaments kisses♥

Mawmaw made this sign for us too! (Can you tell we are spoiled with her creations!?)

We went to see the Way of Lights..

Brennan was excited he got to get out of his seat for this.

Making a gingerbread sleigh


Santa's steering wheel:)

Visiting with Santa

Brennan also got a letter (and a video) from Santa-fun stuff!

Making gingerbread cookies...the not so traditional way.

Brennan had Christmas with his besties.

Ready to go see The Nutcracker

Waiting for the show to start.

The Nutcracker has never held meaning for me like it does now. I am so glad we started this tradition, it really is a beautiful show. This year I wanted to get our very own Nutcracker. I got lucky and found this one in Mississippi and I just love him. I chose this one because he is pretty traditional and I figured Brennan would like the sword:)

Brennan got to have a sleepover with his cousin Alex:)

Wrestling before bed...

Sleep tight:)

Making cookies tradition for Brennan and Alex.

Jack helped too:)

Christmas Eve we went to my dad's house.

Brennan was sick with a fever:( We have been well all year, worst time ever to be sick!

He toughed it out and had a pretty good time.

Maw maw strikes again with a new headboard for our bed-can't wait to set it up!

Christmas morning was interesting. Brennan woke up about 40 minutes after Santa left (about midnight) and saw all of his presents. He really wanted to open them all. I was torn because I couldn't say no, but I wasn't sure I should really wake Casey up and do everything in the middle of the night. I compromised and let him open one. Well, it was pajamas and that wasn't really exciting. So he opened another and it was a game (Santa couldn't remember what was in what package) and that wasn't exciting enough either. So I let him rummage through his stocking. The only things on his list were a telescope, a watch, a clock for his bedroom, a bell (one from Santa's sleigh like in Polar Express) and a baracudda blade (Power Rangers toy). The stocking had lots of goodies:) He ended up putting on his Power Rangers watch to wear back to bed, brushing his teeth immediately with his new Spider Man toothbrush and took a quick peek through his telescope and was ready for bed again.

Christmas Day at my mom's house opening more presents!

My brother and I got matching high school alumni shirts-although we are wearing each others' shirts because I was freezing:)

Christmas with Casey's mom, Brennan got a new bike:)

Christmas day-going to see Reese and Scotlyn.

I was delighted to find matching candy canes♥