Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday school day

I have to admit there are times when I feel like maybe we're not doing enough. I think I feel the pressure because I know that I will probably not be able to home school forever (unless Casey miraculously changes his mind, however with the battle I had to put up for ONE YEAR I am not holding my breath!) Anyway, knowing he needs to know certain things by 1st grade, etc I feel more like I need to make sure I am covering everything. Not that I don't try anyway, just feeling more pressure to cover everything! There are some days when I don't feel like I'm doing enough and days like today when I feel like it was a huge success!

We had a fun day today and I really feel like we accomplished a lot! Since we had our aquarium trip yesterday, today we decided to make a sea urchin! He made these in preschool so we made one similar to that one. Pretty simple-playdough and pipe cleaners. Brennan asked if you are supposed to clean the pipes with them:)

After making the sea urchin, Brennan wanted to make a hedgehog. I am not very creative, I get most of my ideas online, but I have to say I have been seeing a creative side come out since we started doing more activities at home.

We already had the playdough out so we just added some toothpicks:) (Not that this is super creative, but I didn't get the idea from the internet so it's good for me!)

I think it looks pretty good:)

I found this idea in a magazine the other night (I think Disney Family Fun)I thought it would make a fun lunch since we saw the crabs at the aquarium yesterday. It suggested radishes and red peppers for the mouth and claws, but I used apples because that's what I knew Brennan would eat and what I had. Otherwise it is a croissant with peanut butter and honey (they had ideas for chicken salad, tuna salad, crab salad-you get the picture) I used marshmallows for the eyes.  They used cream cheese and black olives for the eyes.

It was a big hit! Brennan loved it!

Reading with Bear:) 

We went on a nature walk. Brennan started a Nature Book in preschool last year and they only did a couple of pages so we decided to try to find some things in the book.

Bug and Bark for "B"

We got lucky and found this feather.

Leaf and Locust shell.

Pine needles and pine cone

While we were outside, Brennan asked if we could make a pine cone bird feeder. He started talking about putting peanut butter on a pine cone and putting bird seed on it. I thought maybe they talked about it at school last year, but he actually learned it on Special Agent Oso. So we made one! 

I will update if we have any hungry feathered friends:)

This was a fun one too. I bought these stencils at a yard sale and I saw this idea in a teaching magazine to put them on construction paper and put them in the sun. We talked about what we thought might happen (turn into real animals, blow away) He did mention them fading while we were putting them outside:)

Then he wrote the name of each one when we brought them in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aquarium Trip

Today we took a trip the World Aquarium! It was SO MUCH FUN! 

We have been twice before. The first time we went on a tour similar to the one we did today with Brennan's preschool class. I don't remember it being as involved as it was today, but that could be because we had at least twice as many people.

I think Brennan and I may have gone through another time just the two of us, but I'm not sure. The last time we went with my BFF Kate and her 2 boys. We always have a good time, but today we got to do SO much stuff! 

Brennan was so excited to see the birds again because they talk:)

Sting rays

Doctor fish-so funny and tickly to have them suck on your fingers!


Feeding the turtles

even the big sea turtles!


Horseshoe  Crab

Sea Urchin! It was so cool to see it's little tentacles moving around. I guess because it's hard to believe something that looks like this can really be alive.

More awesome sea creatures!

Brennan is pretending to be in a sail boat here. The "Sting Ray City" flag is his sail:)

This is a kinkajou! It is SO cute. Very skittish to touch, but loves you if you have a banana:) He would grab your hand with his hand while he ate the banana out of your hand.

Feeding the sloth. These creatures are so strange!

We went down the tunnel slide that is surrounded by water that the sea turtles live in.

He swam right by us!:)

Here is the anteater. He was so friendly, one of the ladies picked him up and he just sniffed her.

Feeding the river otters. These guys were so excited to eat! They were yelling out at us until we fed them.

Can't see his blue tongue here, but it's a blue tongue skink.

Bearded Dragon

Brennan got to hold a snake!

I never thought I would be so fond of a snake, but knowing how much Brennan enjoys animals I am willing to hold just about long as I know it's not going to hurt me!

Here we are holding 5 snakes piled up


I didn't realize how cute they are!! Look at that face!

We did this on a groupon and to tell you the truth I was not expecting such a great experience with the tour. Highly recommended and we will definitely be doing this again! I asked Brennan what his favorite part was and he said the sucker fish (doctor fish) then he said "everything":)