Friday, September 11, 2015

Oh baby boy...

Dear Baby Boy, You are getting so big! Like right before my eyes you are changing and growing. One day you're doing one trick and the next day you're up to something new. You are 9 months old and nearing 10 months in just one short week...10 months. I can't believe I am already starting to plan your 1st birthday.

I always think about making a blog post about you, but then I am tired and need to go to bed or I need to clean while you're napping and then I don't want to take time away from you when you're awake so then here sits my blog with no new posts. But tonight, I was adamant that I was going to post about all of the new things happening with you because even just tonight we are hitting some big milestones!

So you had your 9 month appointment 2 weeks ago. You were 15lbs-yay! Your height and weight are not quite on a regular growth chart, but you're growing on a nice curve and the doctor was happy. But your head is in the 50th percentile:) The doctor was happy with everything and you didn't have to get any shots and we will go back at one year. I did have to fill out a questionnaire about your development. It was asking all of these questions about how you pick up toys, if you're sitting up, if you say any words. You were doing some things on there, but you weren't sitting up on your own yet. You still needed a helping hand there all the time. Well within one week of filling out that survey, you were sitting on your own...for several minutes as they specifically asked..yay buddy! You work so hard with Miss Patty in physical therapy, even though you get angry sometimes. You get very excited to see Miss Patty-she is so fun...when she isn't making you work too hard:)  We're still working on your tight right neck and weak left neck which has thrown everything off for you and caused you a little more delay than even being preemie. You are making great progress though! You still dislike tummy time...alot. It's very hard for you so we practice as much as we can and try to make it fun.

You are so so funny. You have a very strong willed personality and stubborn with a touch of a might be a little like your mama...sorry about that. You are really reflecting the same personality you had when you were born-you came out fighting! If you want something you will go to any measure you can to get it. And in those moments, I question how much you are really needing PT to make you stronger because sometimes I think you might jump right out of my arms. For instance when I hold you on my hip or facing me, that doesn't work for you because you want to see everything so you will twist and turn until you are in the position you want which is me holding you facing out. And that's also why you love for me to carry you in the carrier. It is a rare occasion, like I can count on one hand, that the carrier does not calm you. You are contained, you are close to me and you can see everything-just the way you like it:)

Lately, I'm pretty much your favorite. Thank you for feels so good to be loved. Even though you go a little overboard and are getting to the point where no one can hold you if I'm around, it's so super sweet and it melts my heart. Today I picked you up from Donna's house and you were happy playing on the floor until you saw and heard me. Then you started crying, so Donna picked you up and the whole time you could see me you had your arms stretched out for me. When I took you from her, you stopped crying and you looked at me and reached out and touched my face with a little smile on your face-it was so incredibly sweet. I missed you too, so much, my sweet baby boy.

You are loving food these days. You started with avocado and sweet potatoes and now you're eating peaches, bananas, applesauce, butternut squash, avocado and sweet potatoes. I making your baby food right now and so far it's working out good. You like your teething biscuits too to munch on too. We got you a sippy cup, but you're not really interested-you much prefer the baba's. You are still taking the high calorie formula.

You love to be entertained! You must have someone by your side pretty much at all times. You are the sensory baby to a capital T. You like to be swaddled, you like white noise, vibration, stimulation, touch, containment-you are always keeping us on our toes. I have felt a lot of times like a first time parent with you and I am sorry for that. You are so different from your brother and it is taking a lot of trial and error (and help from Miss Patty since she had a sensory child, too) to figure out what the best things are for you in your different stages. You seem pretty happy so I hope we're doing a good job!

So another big step tonight is moving you to your crib. Maw Maw brought your crib over and it is gorgeous! It matches your armoire she made perfectly. I am going to take some good pictures once I get a few more things hung on the wall. You started sleeping in the rock n play, then you moved to the cradle she made when Brennan was a baby. You've slept in the cradle in our room for months. You've always slept in this little insert that goes into a bassinet, it cradled you and kept you contained so recently I took that out of the cradle to get you ready for the crib, sleeping on a flat mattress. You've done well with that. I also tried to unswaddle your arms the other night and you actually did pretty good, but then daddy swaddled you last night.  We didn't want to make too many changes with swaddling and the crib so we swaddled you and put you to bed in your crib. Well you have a little more freedom so in trying to get comfy in your new bed you rolled to your stomach. I saw you on the camera and freaked out! So I immediately unwrapped you and decided to try to just put you to bed without the swaddler. Daddy got you to sleep and laid you down, you slept for about 30 minutes and you were awake. You just need that containment. So I have been back and forth to this post in between trying to figure out the best way for you (and me) to get rest tonight:) Currently, you are swaddled, in the infant insert, in your crib-ha! It's a process. I was more emotional about you moving to your crib than I expected. I was rocking you to sleep tonight and thinking about you not being in our room made me tear up. I know it's time (most people probably think it's way past time!), but it's just one more thing that is changing as you get bigger. One day things are one way and the next they're different and you keep going like that until you don't even remember how things once were. Anyway, that's life and apparently I'm being super mushy and nostalgic tonight♥

You have been teething for months. I did not expect a tooth early because Brennan didn't get his first until he was 11 months old and I know all babies are different. Well, tonight you were really gnawing and I hadn't checked in a bit so I felt in there and I think you have just the slightest beginning of a tooth popping through! 

You're so much fun to play with! You love to be tickled and you have the cutest, sweetest giggle. You get so excited and squeal and kick your legs. You do this the most when GiGi is playing with you. You are starting to clap and get so excited when your Fisher Price piggy bank plays music. You love ALL of your toys and you have a lot! You have cups and balls, a dog that plays music, piggy bank, oh your Jack in the Box-you love that thing! You have a taggie maw maw made you because no matter what you have in your hand, if it has a tag on it, you will find it! You have a big octopus and a  big colorful fish, stuffed animals, books-you love books!!! You love to be read to and you love turning the pages and of course eating them. You love to sit and listen to daddy and Brennan play guitar. You are a social butterfly, you love people! We took you to meet my friends at work when you were 7 months old and every time you saw a new face, you screamed-loud! You still do that sometimes, but mostly you smile and play. You're so sweet. You have to touch everything, everything!!! If you can't touch it with your hands, then you have your feet up there. You are constantly knocking things off the counter while I'm holding you-you stretch your legs as far as you can to get at anything you can. You've knocked boxes of cereal off the counter and all over the floor, cups with liquid in them, dare I admit I have been by the stove and you have kicked the knobs and turned them on....I mean you are out of control! You looooooove your brother...what's not to love?! You just watch his every move and he will do anything to make you laugh and make you happy. Since you are really getting into playing, it is so fun to watch you two interact. It's something I have waited to see in your brother for a long time.

 I feel so lucky to not only get to experience all of these amazing and wonderful things that I dreamed of for so long with wanting to have another baby, but I feel so lucky that I get to experience them with you. You bring so much joy and laughter to our family and while it makes me a little sad that you're getting big so fast, I can't wait to watch your little personality continue to develop. Oh how I love you baby boy.