Saturday, February 23, 2013

Every Day Life

I had to run a few errands today so I made a quick trip to the mall. I had a coupon to Gymboree and ended up finding some stuff for Brennan. There were these ladies in there oohing and aahing over the girls stuff. Sigh. I got to the check out and I needed $7 to get gymbucks. Eh, why not. I grabbed Brennan a couple more pairs of underwear to get to my total for gymbucks. (In case you aren't familiar, gymbucks are "free" money you earn for spending so much that is to be spent during future allotted dates).

I remember the first time I ever got gymbucks was from shopping for clothes for Reese and Scotlyn before they were born. Then the time to redeem them was when I was in the hospital on bed rest. I was so excited to buy more clothes for my baby girls. I found these cute giraffe sleepers, there were double, but these were some of the more important sentiments for me so one of each piece is on their quilt. I don't think gymbucks will ever hold another memory for me. It seems meager, but it is sometimes the memories that seem small that symbolize the difficulties that each day can bring.

On the way home, I stopped by the cemetery. I miss my babies so much every day. I don't write a lot about them because my feelings and emotions seem redundant, but they are no less. Everything our family does, I still think about them being right here beside us. There are often times that I still can't believe it is forever. It's too long.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow, Ice, Sleet, Rain

We got the works yesterday. Makes me look forward to Florida so much more! We stayed home yesterday since the roads were bad and pretty much every school and a lot of businesses were closed.

Brennan wanted to go out when the snow hit yesterday, but it was so windy and cold. There was no way I was going out feeling the way I have been.

I snapped these pictures quick, from barely outside the door, in my pajamas! He played on the back porch mostly and stayed out maybe 10 minutes because it was so cold.

I am still not feeling well. I have bronchitis so it was basically feeling okay overall with a miserable cough. Now Brennan has caught a virus and I have too so now I have the congestion and the cough and I am still wheezing. Ready for this new antibiotic to kick in any day now.

Brennan has already said he doesn't really want to fly because he always has problems with his ears on the plane. Now that he is sick, I have a feeling it's going to be worse. Let's hope things start to clear quickly in the next 2 days!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the mend, hopefully.

I hate being away from my blog for so long. I have been miserable and working a lot through it all so I have had no energy to do anything else! Hopefully after five doctor appts, four rounds of antibiotics, three allergy fighting medications, two inhalers and a round of steroids I will be rid of this mess...very soon. I am off for almost 2 weeks and headed to Florida next week so I am ready to be better! Here is a sample of my regimen...

I had my latest doctor appointment today and then Brennan and I did some shopping for our upcoming trip before he had to go to the dentist.

One of my best friends is Brennan's dental hygienist...she is so great!! Brennan laughs the whole time he is there:)

Other things we have been up to...still doing karate.

Brennan is still reading like a champ:)

Lots of scuba diving...flippers and all!

And a random I found on my phone...Spiderman and Spider Colb! This is my sisters dog Colbie. She and Brennan make quite the duo:)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zoo Class

Today, Brennan went to his first home school zoo class-Penguin Palooza. He loved it! This was a class that parents did not participate. He wasn't sure how he felt about that so he decided on the way that he didn't want to go. I explained that he would still have fun and I would be right outside the room. He ended up going right in and participated without any problem. (I was the one peeking in the window to make sure he was okay;)

The downside for me was-I was bored at first, I like doing these kinds of things with Brennan and I am honestly not used to just dropping him off and doing my own thing.  I did find a mom to talk to and since it was a homeschooling class, we had a lot to talk about! Also, I didn't really get to take any pictures. I did capture a few when they came out of the classroom to look at the he is talking to one of the kids about the penguins:)

Recording his observations:)

At the end, the teacher had him show me some cute little things they did to learn about where the equator is and the north and south poles. 

He told me late as we were walking through looking at the birds that they got to pet 2 birds, one was an owl named Percy that looked like this. He seemed to enjoy the class. He is signed up for a few more in the next few months.

It was nice today (for the season), 50 degrees and sunny so we decided to take advantage and look at some animals while we were there.

Sea Lions

Talking about the sea lions swimming over:)

We went to visit the birds and this volunteer had an ostrich egg. He talked to Brennan about the egg and how strong it is and how ostriches have a tooth when they're born that helps them break through the egg (I learn something new almost daily homeschooling!) He also had a penguin egg and talked about why they're shaped different, etc. Very informative!

We saw some pretty birds.

We also visited the monkeys

and snakessss...

Brennan likes to find the venomous snakes!

I wanted to get at least one picture of us...he wanted a silly one...

I wanted a cute one:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wes and Molly

Remember Wes

and Molly

We got to play with them last week:)

They had a lot of fun playing! Wes is pretty busy so I didn't get too many pictures of him.

This little girl sat long enough for me to get some cute shots:)

Wes in the dog cage, as you can imagine, these 2 keep my friend, Dani very busy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm sad too...

Yesterday, Brennan and Brody filled out this sheet about various things they like and their feelings about certain things. One said "I'm sad when" Brennan's response 'Rees & Scotlne di'

A 5 year old should be sad because his brother punches him (Brody's response), not because his sisters die.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snowmen and bestest buddies:)

This is one day last week. We had a snowman theme day. They played a snowman game that Kate made by rolling the dice to get the snowman part. They had to tally and graph their results.

I had been wanting to make something with some pine cones I had and I found this adorable snowman craft-perfect!

I couldn't believe I had everything! Some things I improvised, like the snow balls were supposed to be sparkly white pom poms, but I used little foam balls instead. They used bigger popsicle sticks, our snowmen are a little slimmer:) I was very nervous during the process as I was comparing the picture to what we had, but it turned out really cute:)

This is Brennans...

and Brodys

Sometimes it gets a little silly around here...

We make time for dressing up too:)

Don't let the swords deceive you, right before these pictures were taken Brennan said "I love you Brody." To which Brody responded "I love you too Brennan." Brennan said "We like to hang out because we're bestest buddies." So sweet:)

They spotted this picture in our curio cabinet. It is from my wedding and has all of my best girlfriends-including Kate, Brody's mom. It was cute, they looking at it and talking about it for a while:)