Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A warm day in December

We took advantage of probably the last warm day of the year/winter today. We played outside most of the day and Brennan was thrilled! We played with the kitties and put up a basketball hoop that Brennan was pretty excited about :) We had some grass seed planted a few weeks ago and have seen some grass popping up already-that, sadly enough, is exciting for Casey and I :) Casey is laid off and although it is not the most ideal thing right now-we are enjoying our time together.

Brennan has never sang the entire alphabet so I assumed he didn't know it-out of the blue the other day he sang the entire thing. He knows all of the letters so I was a little surprised that he didn't know the ABC's, but more shocked when he belted them out of no where. It really is amazing how much kids learn at this age and so fun teaching them!

We are so excited about Christmas with Brennan this year. We went to the Belleville Santa Claus Parade-the weather was gorgeous and we all had a really good time (Blue tongue picture :). We have had fun getting some decorations out, but have not gotten our tree yet. I can already tell it is going to be a challenge getting him on Santa's lap. I'm afraid there will be no Santa picture this year :/ We will see.
Hope everyone is doing well!