Monday, January 5, 2009


You've got to love toddler independence! Brennan is craving it :) It is so neat to watch him learn, they catch on so quickly. Brennan is set on mastering walking and he is really getting the hang of it fast now. When we are out shopping, long are the days he would sit in the stroller for the shopping trip. Now he wants to be down walking with everyone else. Very funny, but a little difficult at times. He is not quite to the point where he can keep up with everyone :)
Today I was holding him in the kitchen and he wanted animal crackers so I opened the bag to get him one out. He shook his head no and pointed to the cabinet where all of his baby food supplies are. So I carried him over to the cabinet and got one of his little bowls out. I poured some of the animal crackers in to a bowl, stood him up on the floor and he carried the bowl to daddy and started snacking. I am so amazed sometimes at all of the things these little ones know!

So in the start of November Brennan had 4 teeth. He now has 11! He has not been himself the last couple of months. Still very good considering all of the teeth, but geez 7 teeth in 2 months?! He is getting his molars (all 4 of them I think). He has his first dentist appt Thursday so we will see what they say. My good friend Carrie works there so I am very excited for him to be able to see her :)

Trying to get some Christmas pictures up, I may just post them in their own thread. Here are a few from Mississippi. He LOVED the piano!!

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