Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day!

Making heart shaped brownies with my love

We had a fun Valentine's Day! Casey, Brennan, and I went to Fazoli's to eat and then went to Monkey Joe's. Monkey Joe's is a new play place in Fairview, similar to Chuck E Cheese. They have these huge inflatables that the kids can play on. Looks like so much fun! They do have a 3 and under one, but Brennan is still just a little too small for that kind of stuff. We were only there for a short time before we realized he needed to be a bit bigger to play there. He did ride in a little red car, which he really enjoyed. Then we strolled through Old Navy and Marshalls. Brennan was really good and actually a bit of a goofball most of the night so we really had a great time. Enjoy the pictures :)

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