Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Brennan turned 2 today! We had a very fun filled day. We started with birthday pancakes :) Then we went to the zoo, which is always a great time. We went into the Children's Zoo for the first time, Brennan loved the water sprinklers. He just could not get enough! He took a great nap when we got home so he was ready for more play. We went swimming (the first time this summer!), he absolutely LOVES water so he had a blast! We had pizza (or peezee as Brennan says) for dinner and that is his favorite. We played outside a little with his new birthday toys and nothing tops off a 2nd birthday better then an ice cream cone:) Then we visited grandma and grandpa. It was very busy and alot of fun! His party is Saturday so even more good times to come. I posted a few of my favorite pictures from today. Enjoy :)

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