Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring is Here!

We are definitely enjoying the warmer weather and playing outside! I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've posted. There has been ALOT going on around here! First of all, we signed Brennan up for preschool. We went to visit a couple and the one we chose is just amazing! Although I am sad about Brennan going to school, I am so excited about this program. I think he is going to love it! We also found out quite a while back that we are having TWINS! They are due in October and we cannot wait for them to get here! I don't think Brennan realizes what is going to happen, but he does enjoy talking about the "2 babies" that are coming :) Heck-I don't even think we realize how things are going to be! I am really just focused on getting through this pregnancy with two healthy babies. After having Brennan 11 weeks premature and twins being high risk on top of that, I will be happy to keep my sanity for the rest of this pregnancy! Brennan is turning 3 soon. I can't even believe how much time has passed since we had him, on the other hand watching home videos from when he was a baby seems like a lifetime ago. He just grows so much, physically, socially, mentally in such a short time period. I thought that was supposed to start slowing down the older they got? It still seems to be flying by. We gave Brennan an early bday presents-I think we were just as excited about it as he was :) I posted a picture of him on his Power Wheels and some other recent pictures as well. Thanks for checking in on us and I will try to continue (more frequently) with updates. Hope everyone is doing well!

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