Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ducks and fluffy white clouds....

The other day we went to a birthday party for some of my friends at work. My work is right near the park so Brennan and I took advantage of some extra time afterwards (and bread I happened to have in my purse!) and fed the ducks.

Brennan loved the ducks, like all animals:) He was talking to them and wanted to pet them, but of course they didn't allow that.

I just love this little face and the time we spend together!

I was lucky to get these shots because my camera has not been working right. I took in today and voila, it was working perfectly and the man couldn't find a thing wrong. I think he thought I was a dummy, but I'm just glad my camera is okay now (for the time being anyway).

This little baby was following his mama around everywhere:)

This picture I actually took today-I couldn't get over how fluffy and white the clouds were today! It reminds me of Reese and Scotlyn in a beautiful Heaven above. I hope they are happy up there.

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