Saturday, April 18, 2015

5 whole months!

Hi Guys! Can you believe I'm already 5 months old?! My mom can't either. She  is always saying saying that time goes by too fast, but I'm just hanging out and enjoying exploring the things around me. I am learning all the time and it's a lot of fun! Mommy is always kissing me and me telling me how sweet I am-she loves to snuggle with me!

This is my blue bird, I love to stare at him! 

I don't know why my mom sits me in my bouncy seat for pictures, she's always trying to get me to look at this big black thing, but that thing is pretty boring so I watch my birds instead!

I'm getting real big. I gained one pound since the nurse was here about a month ago. So now I am 10lbs 9oz. Mommy said I'm not gaining quite as much as I had been because I am sleeping longer at night and not taking as many bottles. That getting up every 3 hours is for the birds-I'm a big boy now and I am ready to sleep longer! Sometimes I eat a little more during the day to make up for it, I mean I am still a growing boy;)

The other day when we were at my doctor appointment at the big hospital, they said I should be starting to roll over and some other stuff, but I'm really good with just chilling when I'm playing. I heard them say I need physical and occupational therapy. I'm not really sure what that is, but it doesn't sound fun. If it's anything like this tummy time I have to do around here, no thanks!  

I take the biggest, meanest poops! Mommy can't believe I haven't had a blow-out, what she does't know is that I'm saving it for the worst time like when we're out in public or something-yeah that sounds like it might freak her out;)

I LOVE my family! They take the best care of me! I stay with my maw maw when mommy and daddy work and GiGi watches me some days too. My brother makes me laugh and he is always giving me kisses-it makes me feel so special.

I think I'm a lot of fun these days. I love to smile and I am very ticklish! I used to not like getting undressed or dressed, but now I giggle every time I get nakey-it feels so tickly when you take off my clothes! I still really don't like baths so mommy just gives me a sponge bath and I don't mind that at all. I heard we will be swimming a lot this summer and I need to get used to the water, but I have other plans-like chilling poolside;)

So that about sums me up at 5 months. My adjusted age is 3 months on the 23rd. 

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