Thursday, July 23, 2015

Magic House!

Last night, Brennan's BFF's came over to spend the night-always a fun time! These boys love each other so much!

First off, they found some toads and a frog pretty much as soon as we got to our house. They spotted them in our window well, which is on a side of the house that we don't really even walk by much. So pretty much these boys can find them anywhere! They put them in the bucket and then went on to play with water balloons. I didn't get any pictures of this, but they were soaked when they came in.

Next they watched a short movie and ate some popcorn-yum!

This morning we left around 9 to go to the Magic House. The boys were sooooo excited! I was not exactly looking forward to this trip. I just wasn't sure how Brooks would do and I was afraid we would have to cut the day really short and they would be disappointed. And I've heard it's been crazy busy there lately and I prefer to go to places when the crowds are minimal! But it all worked out-Brooks was perfect, he did not make a peep the whole time until the car ride home when he screamed pretty much the whole time!;) 

I'm pretty sure they did and saw everything!

First stop...China

They have this one part of the Magic House that they change maybe once a year? This year, it's about China. There are many different activities and educational information posted about China and the culture. I was trying to read some things to them...but they weren't really interested in listening, more about the playing;) They had ADD all day, I mean the place is very overwhelming! They would do something for 10 seconds and move on, which if you want to do everything-you pretty much have to do that.

Apparently ping pong is something that is set up in schools and even along city streets in China. I did not know that, but how fun would that be?!

They also have exercise equipment such as these-stepper, elliptical, and a twisting thing. It's made like playground equipment so it will last. All of these along the city streets. Exercise anywhere...that is what America needs! 

Of course, Grady couldn't wait to fish!

This picture cracks me up, Brody had a fish and Brennan didn't. 

But everyone got their was just crowded and there were only like 3 fish!

Ameren worker double dutying by making pizza too. See what I mean, you have to wear one costume while playing with the next activity-haha

Gray shaking parm cheese on his pizza.

Taking turns with bunny ears for Brody. 

Bathing their animals.

Brody loved this doggy, so cute!

He made sure he was up to date on his shots;)

Changing the tires on the car...

while Grady did a fluid check on the engine.

It's sad to say, but we have never really explored the Garden and it is so pretty and fun. We ate lunch outside and then the boys played. 

We did have to make a trip to the car to change Brooks, his bottle leaked and his clothes were soaked! The boys got to eat their marshmallows while they waited for me to change him.

and of course we needed some silliness too.

I carried Brooks in the carrier the whole time because The Magic House is not stroller friendly, so I think he was happy to get to lay down for a minute:)

But he did not complain at all about being carried around all day

Of course not, he loves to be held!

I took these pictures of us because we don't get pictures together very often and we were having so much fun playing while the boys were playing.

They built this house:)

 After lunch and playing outside, we headed back in for more fun.

Brooks was ready for a nap so I turned him around in the carrier and he snuggled right up to me and fell asleep♥

I had never seen this part either, it takes a picture and records your shadow. 

This them actually standing there

This is the shadow, but Grady started to run away at the end (on the left) but you can see Brody and Brennan with Brody's arm up giving him bunny ears.

The static electricity ball is a must do! Brennan did it and I didn't even realize he had gone in there, but he said his hair was too short. Grady cracks me up!

I think they were overwhelmed by all the instructions: stand on the green tape -touch the ball-shake your head-look at the camera that they didn't smile haha.

Next we headed all the way downstairs to the construction area. 

We ended the day on the famous Beanstalk.

Oh wait, I thought we were ending the day on the beanstalk, but while attempting to exit the building, we got side tracked by the musical instruments. So this was technically our last stop. So many things to do!

They seemed to have a lot of fun. We were there for 5 hours!


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast. All the boys are just growing too fast.