Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Proud of my Preemie!

I am so proud of how far Brennan has come in the last 2 years. Brennan has always been small for his age and behind developmentally. It was hard for me, as a mother, at times to see him behind in things he should have been doing for his age. The doctors always told me he would catch up at age 2, but I still felt like I should be doing more for him to catch up to where he should have been. I now feel a sense of accomplishment knowing he is caught up and possibly ahead of where he should be. He can count to 10 on his own, he knows all of his colors and he is talking in sentences most times. I have always been proud of Brennan after overcoming all of his challenges. Being born 11 weeks early is not an easy task, but Brennan has always been a fighter and we are so lucky to have him. We learn something new from him every day and enjoy every moment we have with him.

Last night we went to visit someone in the hospital at St E's and decided to take a trip up to the NICU for a visit (which probably prompted this post). Brennan's favorite night nurse was not there so we didn't stay long, but so many feelings and thoughts came back in that short amount of time-I had the same heaviness on my heart that I did back then. He was with me, but completely clueless that he had lived there for 6 weeks of his life. I posted some new recent pictures of Brennan.

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