Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A week of swimming!

I officially have a little "fish" on my hands! Brennan took 14 weeks of swimming lessons at the YMCA to prepare for summer. He learned some basic kicking and arm strokes, but they taught nothing about breathing while swimming under water. Recently our kind neighbors invited us to swim lesson night at their house and one night made a world of difference in Brennan's swimming. This teacher is awesome! She gets right down to what kids need to know and pushes them to move up to the next step. I cannot believe what some of the other kids (younger than Brennan) are doing! So one swim lesson and Brennan was putting his face in the water and his swimming has just excelled from there.

These are pictures of him going under water and swimming, he is doing amazing considering the first night of lessons with the new teacher when we made him go under, he kept saying " I don't want to do that again." Now he loves it! We have gone swimming every day this week to practice

It feels so good to be making these great strides in swimming for him. I don't know what I would have done if we hadn't met our neighbors and started these lessons. I think he would still be floating around with his floatie on whining that he didn't want to get his face wet.

I hope we can make quite a few more of these lessons so by the end of summer he is really swimming like a champ...not that he isn't already!

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  1. Swimming lessons are the best! My older took took them when they were little, but I never took my youngest and hes six and really just started swimming good! Hope you are having a good summer:)