Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zoo Friends

We went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago and its sad that I'm just now getting around to posting it:( We have been very busy this summer. We usually have something planned every day and every evening! We have done various things, such as going to the zoo, going to the movies to see Cars 2, play dates, a Little Gym camp, T-ball, swimming, the list goes on and on:) We also enjoy our days at home playing around the house too!

This trip to the zoo was a little different. Usually we go to the Children's Zoo first, then to see the bugs and butterflies, penguins, monkeys, etc. This time we went to pet the sting rays first. It was the first time we had done this and it was so much fun! The day we went was a very nice breezy day, not too hot so it sort of felt like we were on vacation. Brennan loved it! We stayed in there for quite a while until he was ready to go. He also pet the nurse sharks you see in the picture above. They had a species of hammerhead sharks in there too and Brennan loves hammerhead sharks so he was very excited about that! He really wanted to pet that one, but they never got quite close enough-maybe next time! I think that will be something that we visit every time we go:)

Every time they would come up on the side he could touch them, he would get so excited!

Of course the penguins are always top on our list. This day they weren't quite as entertaining as usual, but we still enjoyed them. I told Brennan they were still trying to wake up:)

Brennan insisted several times that we go see the fish. The St. Louis zoo used to have different aquariums set up inside one of the main entrances, but they don't anymore so I was lost at where to find the fish. If he wasn't so persistent that it was one thing he really wanted to see, I wouldn't have tried so hard to find them. We were directed to a general section of the zoo and stumbled across the hippo tank which is sort of underground and that was the ticket. Brennan was satisfied with looking at the fish swimming right in front of him:)

We did look at the hippos for a bit, but you know they really aren't all that exciting:)

We saw the elephants too. There was a baby elephant that was born last month. They have a naming poll on the zoo's website so Brennan and I went on and he voted for the name he liked:)

He had a little lesson about bees outside the insectarium, he told me later that bees won't hurt you unless you do something to them...he must have been paying attention:)

Spending my days with this sweet little boy=Pure Joy!

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