Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Happenings

I can't believe with everything "Christmas" we have been doing, I haven't posted anything. Maybe it has something to do with how busy we've been:)

One new {possibly yearly} tradition we did this year was a night time lighted Christmas parade in a town near by. It really is a great idea!

All of the floats were very pretty and festive decorated with lights. Santa is on a sleigh at the very end. These pictures aren't greatest, they're from my phone, but you can still tell how pretty it was.

We were invited by friends of the family and this is their float, Charlie's Carstar. So fun!

We have been building gingerbread houses and I'm sure there are more to come:)

Oh, and we have some trouble in our house too. This is "Ten" our elf-he is finding all kinds of things to get into and places to hang out.

Brennan really enjoys seeing what this little guy is up to each day!


  1. That last picture is SOOOO good!!

  2. Your elf is so silly:-) I can't figure out how those darn elves are so mischievous ;-) thanks for the blog award. You're so better believe I'm going to be thinking about your precious girls this holiday season. I don't understand pregnancy/infant loss at all but I'm glad to have met a few moms along the way who understand. Hugs!