Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Continued...

I wanted to share some of Brennan's art work from Christmas because each piece held a special place in our Christmas decor this year:) Some of it we painted at home and some he made at school. I think these are going to be some that I keep forever to use as decor every year because I love them so much.

Reese and Scotlyn got a special present from Santa in their stockings, too. Two purple butterflies to decorate their grave in the spring. I really hate to see their stockings empty on Christmas morning so I think this is something I will do each year. It's hard to feel so helpless at being a parent when your child isn't here so I feel like this is one thing I can do and it makes me feel good.

I might be posting about Christmas until February because I have so many pictures and events. It would be right on track with the amount of time we had our Christmas decorations up considering we just took them down today-mostly because we were out of town and I have been sick.

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  1. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! i ove the stockings - this year i got vivian and annemarie new stockings to match ours. i love them and like you, plan on putting something special in them each year. :-) i love your girls' names. so beautiful. ((((hugs))))