Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Morning

I have not been on here in forever. For a few reasons, but mostly I have had a lot going on and been super stressed and just have not felt like posting. I have had a lot of big decisions to make and it is really taking a toll on my sanity. Not to mention my heavy heart for Reese and Scotlyn. Gosh I miss those girls so much. Another blogger explained it perfectly, the sadness lingers, but there are more happy moments. People think it just "gets better" and in some ways I guess it can be put that way, but it's really learning to live again and it's quite a challenge and not one that is conquered easily. I feel like I'm rambling and being very vague, but I guess I'm just summing up where a year and a half of "healing" has gotten me and it's not one to be done in a paragraph.

So anyway, I decided to post about our morning. First, we worked on some homework-making shadows! Brennan had to pick an object that he wanted to make a shadow of and draw the before and after. Here he is making the shadow of the most loved squid in the world, Wiggly (his only request from Santa).

He drew his before (top one is his, bottom was mine-it was kind of hard to tell what it was supposed to be ;) and after

Well, he wanted to do more so we did an astronaut and his beloved Bear.

Then we made a Rice Krispie holiday house. We saw them at the store on clearance and it looked like a fun little project. Can you tell how excited he is?!

It's basically like decorating a gingerbread house with icing and candy, but it's rice krispie treats. The box said "Best if eaten within 24 hours" I don't think that will be a problem!

I just decided to add this picture from last night, we went out to Casey's holiday party for work. It was nice to meet all of his new co-workers he talks about all the time. Brennan had a lot of fun playing with the kids.

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  1. Aw that is a great family picture! And he looks so excited in the rice krispies pictures! Good luck with your decisions, thinking of you.