Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break

Brennan started his Spring Break on Friday. I worked Friday, but I am off this week until Friday. I let Brennan plan the week out and he didn't have too many requests except to have a couple of friends sleep over. I did have one request and that was to take Brooks to the open gym near our house. I rarely get to take him and he always has so much fun.

I think he was tired today because while he did play and seemed to have fun, he wasn't his usual happy self. Not to mention, after we got home and he ate lunch-he took a 2.5 hour nap. I honestly don't think he has ever done that for me. Ever. So I got a lot done, mainly cleaned the playroom in the basement which was a wreck. It still needs some things cleaned out, but I hate to get rid of anything in case there's something Brooks would end up being into. Even Brennan was into Ben 10 a couple of years ago and hasn't been interested for quite some time until recently. I had been telling him I thought last time I organized down there that I saved his watches and when we went down there I found a whole bag of Omnitrix watches-he was thrilled!

He does look tired, doesn't he? Haha. He was a little more lively than this:)

While I was cleaning the playroom I also found Brennan's Mickey ears from Disney. We are planning  a Disney cruise in the fall (I think we're keeping it a secret from Brennan, so if you see him don't say anything). When I saw the Mickey ears I was so excited because I had forgotten about them and Brooks will be able to wear them on our trip. A feeling came back to me for a moment though, of the times when I would clean out his playroom before we had Brooks and I would be so sad wondering if we would ever get to use Brennan's toys for another child. I am so incredibly thankful for this sweet little man. He has brought me so much love, joy, laughter and healing. 

Giving the alligator kisses..he melts my heart♥

One of my besties, Jill, was in town from Georgia this past week so we try to get together as much as we can when she's home♥

Brennan is having Brody and Grady over to spend the night, but we all went to hang out with friends tonight and everyone had a good time:)

This is from Saturday, but we got to hang out with friends this weekend, too! Some of the kids in this picture are the same, but some are different. We're so lucky to have lots of friends! The kids always have so much fun. 

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