Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wrapping up Spring Break.

I was off most of the week for Brennan's spring break. I think I posted about Monday, so Monday night Brody and Grady spent the night and Tuesday the boys played here and we went to the park.

The boys wanted a picnic lunch and they wanted pizza so I made the pizza and wrapped it in foil, packed everyone up and we headed to the park. It was pretty windy so I grabbed a couple of kites I had stashed and one Brennan got for Easter.

The picnic lunch went well. Then I was getting all of the kites ready and one broke right out of the package..wah! I was so excited about the kites, too. Brennan got a dinosaur one for Easter, one was Darth Vader, which Brody loves and the other was Angry Birds which Grady loves. I'm sure I had them both in mind when I bought them:) So Grady's is the one that broke. I tried to use the foil from the pizza to repair it and I tried to get it going several times and it wouldn't stay up:( So in the meantime I am also trying to get the other boys kites going. I get them both up and they have them and I am working on Grady's (Meanwhile Brooks is running all over the place haha) and Brennan and Brody were flying right next to each other and I had warned them to spread out and they got tangled. Like big time. It was super windy so they just spun around and around each other. Gahhhh!! I should have gotten a picture of that...but here is a nice peaceful picture when they were up. Surpriisngly, they didn't get tangled while they were sitting here, but they stood up right after this and then they tangled.

So at this point I'm giving up on Grady's kite and trying to get the other 2 untangled. I seriously needed some scissors! I finally got one of the strings snapped so I could untangle and retied them back together and got them both back in the air. Then Brody said his stomach hurt and he didn't want to fly it anymore:( Poor guy was laying on the blanket on the ground. So Brennan and Grady flew them for a few more minutes and we went home. #parkfail I felt so bad, like the boys didn't have fun although they said they did. Then Brody and Grady's grandma picked them up since Brody didn't feel well. Brennan was super bummed because he was hoping for more time to play so he asked if his friend that was supposed to be staying the next night could stay that night. The boys had stayed up late so I told him only if he napped;) It worked, he took an hour nap and Aidan got to come spend the night! I guess I didn't get a picture of the two of them. They pretty much just played-outside, video games, with know, boys stuff.

Meanwhile, Brooks is being Brooks...pulling the laundry out of the dryer..

Hanging out in a 31 bag wearing only a diaper..

Climbing on the dishwasher, frantically pulling out every utensil as fast as I am putting them in there after he's raided the pantry of potato chips.

Playing with suction cup balls. These are awesome, any age child would love them-even Brennan likes to play with them. I got these in the party section at Target. They are $5 for a pack of 6 in store, but take them to Customer Service and get the online price of $3 :)

Carrying a stool around?? This child is's blurry but I laugh out loud every time I look at it, he was insistent on carrying it around but didn't do anything with it.

Hanging out upside down...his favorite.

Wednesday night we went to my dad's house for a visit-here is Uncle Vance giving his famous smooches:) These boys get so much love from their Uncle Vance♥

Thursday morning, first thing I took both kids to the doctor with me..grrr. I went all winter without being sick and now I'm on my 2nd round of antibiotics. I had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago and I was just on the tail end of it and I picked up something else. I've had trouble with my ears my whole life. Terrible. I had tubes in my ears as a kid and twice in my adult life, which is sort of unusual. I remember crying in the middle of the night and waking my mom because my ears hurt so bad. I'm so glad neither of my kids have this problem. So it's actually been a while since I've had trouble, the longest ever by far. But they've really taken a beating this time. I'm pretty sure both ruptured, one Tuesday night and one Wednesday night. They were draining all sorts of nasty so I went in to get some antibiotics. I'm feeling better, mostly still congested and my ears are muffled so I can barely hear. I'm taking mucinex which is helping and I've been getting bad headaches and pressure behind my eyes so motrin has been helping. Overall it's getting better. 

Anyway, luckily I got into the NP and got my script filled in 40 minutes and we came home for physical therapy. Here is Brooks with Miss Patty. 

Miss Patty has been coming every week for about 10 months. Brooks just loves her! She has been so wonderful to Brooks and she might love him as much as he loves her:)

She really invests a lot in her patients. She always has something new for us to work on with Brooks every week she comes. Brooks is doing really well, really really well actually, so we decided it's time for him to graduate. I want to make her photo book so I was looking through pictures last night and it made me cry. We are going to miss her so much! She has been with us over half his life. She helped me with more than just therapy, she has had preemies herself and Brooks had so many sensory issues as a baby so she had a lot of good suggestions for that, too. Anyway, we decided the next visit will be the last one. Ok, I'm crying again writing about it.

After physical therapy, we met Casey on his lunch break at the post office to get this guy a passport:) 

We are going on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas in September so both boys need passports. I had to order Brooks' birth certificate and it hadn't arrived yet so we couldn't get his. Getting children a passport is different than getting one for an adult. I will fill you in on the details, just in case you ever need one. If you don't care, skip the next paragraph;) 

First of all, both parents have to be present to apply for one, with ID's of course. If not, you need a notary or whatever other official paperwork for why the other parent is not there. Child passports are only good for 5 years. You can get a card for $15 or a book for $80. What? So I had to get the details about the difference. I needed all this info before we even went in because I filled out the application online and printed it. So, Mark at the post office is now my new BFF. We've talked on the phone several times, so many times that when we finally went in, I just called him by name. Ha. Maybe this is the same for adults, I'm assuming it is, but with a card you can only travel by ground transportation-land or sea. With the book, you can travel those ways plus air. He did say, if something happened while we are on the island and  tried to fly home that we can't without a book, but he also said he can't imagine them not letting us back in. Well, we just got the cards so let's hope nothing happens. If it's only good for 5 years, chances are we won't be doing any international air travel in the next 5 years.  At this point it's $130 difference for something we're not sure we'll use again before it expires. So the post office charges $15 for the photo so I wanted to try to take my own. I figured if it didn't work, we could always just have it taken there. I had the background right and size printed was good, but I was zoomed in too close. Which I didn't even realize would be an issue. From the top of the head to the chin can only be 1 inch. They have a measuring tool to place over the picture to check. So we ended up getting his picture taken at the post office. These are all ones I took. So Brennan's passport was $55. It will be very interesting trying to get a picture of Brooks meeting all of the standards!

After the post office we went to Salvation Army. We are going to a 20's theme banquet Saturday night so I have been trying to find costume accessories for us. This was Brooks the whole time, no matter where we were in the store, he found his way all the way in the back where they were taking in donations. 

Brennan found this book as soon as we walked in. He has been reading a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he doesn't have any so it's perfect. 

I found these cute books for Brooks. 

Everything was 50% off so I got this gem for $1

After that Brooks napped and when he woke up and Casey got home, we played outside in the last bit of sunshine.

This was the first time Brooks had gone down the big slide. He likes it, but it's pretty big so I think he's still a little unsure. 

I'm hoping he plays on it more than his brother. Brennan only really wanted to play on it when he had a friend to play with. Now he has a little brother so he had fun playing:)

Brennan loves taking Brooks down the slide. They're too sweet.

Brooks liked the tunnel, but part of me wants to block off one side. This child can be smart about different heights, but he is also very adventurous.

After playing, he walked around the yard a little. He's getting alot better with walking in the grass. 

Him was sleepy, he had a busy day♥

Friday, I went back to work one day so both the kids went to Brooks' babysitter, Donna. Her granddaughter is off school and she is one year older than Brennan so he had someone to hang out with. Donna told me when I got there that Brennan and Aidan had been facetiming. Haha. These two are so funny. I love their friendship. Aidan is Brennan's first friend that he made on his own. Since he was always home with me, he was friends with my friends kids (and still is of course), kids we met in playgroups or swim class where I would become friends with the moms and then we would all hang out. Aidan moved to this school last year in 2nd grade and Brennan had class with him. They met and instantly became friends. They would send each others parents phone numbers home and beg us to call the other mom. I was pregnant with Brooks at the time, but I finally called Aidans mom and left her a message. They have been buddies ever since. They're in the same class together this year, too. I met a new friend, too. His mom and I text and talk, we hung out on the field trip a couple of weeks ago so it's really great all around:)

They were facetiming again this morning:)

Brennan is back into Ben 10. He was into a couple of years ago and got away from it. I think I mentioned that in my last post. He has all of these official watches, but this morning he wanted to make a paper watch:)

Our neighbor owns a BBQ place in St Louis. It was #23 best restaurants to eat at in America according to Yelp. We have been talking about going so this morning, last minute we decided to go. Our other neighbor, Caiden, went with us. The boys liked their food. Brooks looooved the pork. We got him baked beans and applesauce and he only wanted the pork. I ate the baked beans and they were so delicious. That is not something I would ever order, but since we got them, I like to try a little of everything and I ended up eating them all! The pork was delicious, too. They have 4 sauces on the table and they were all good. It was the best BBQ I've ever had. Brennan ended up going to Caiden's house after we got home and going to his soccer game and to eat pizza with his family and spend the night! When they stopped by to get clothes for him to sleep over, Brennan ran in and shoved a bunch of stuff in his backpack, gave me a kiss and ran out the door. He's getting a little too big. 

I made one of these today. I'm so in love with them. I made a few others as gifts, but I think I'm going to keep this one. 

I stopped by to see Reese and Scotlyn. They've been on my mind a lot and I've been wanting to go back since Easter. I was afraid the flower pinwheels we had taken would have blown away, they were still there. but broken:( I wasn't too terribly surprised because it's been so windy, so I picked up all of the pieces and arranged the tulips differently. The tulips were still spinning:) You can see the peach trees in the background, although the blooms didn't look as full today. Reese and Scotlyn are buried in the baby section of the cemetery. It's kind of sweet and sad at the same time. Almost every time I go, I look around and think about the babies that are buried there. And their parents. Some were born a long time ago and the only one in the same row as Reese and Scotlyn was born the same year as them. She's a girl, too. Her name is Lily. Sometimes I bring her decorations, too.  No other babies have been buried there since Reese and Scotlyn. I wish I knew it was because no other babies have died, but I know that's not true.  I can only hope that one day it will be.

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