Monday, November 28, 2011


Christmastime. I guess I consider December 1st officially Christmastime, although it does seem like we decorate right after Thanksgiving every year, mostly because of convenience. I can't say I'm quite in the spirit yet or if it will really ever come this year, but I've definitely put on the front for Brennan. Especially since he is getting to the age that he is really understanding and remembering.

We went to see The Way of Lights the day after Thanksgiving. Brennan loved it! It really is pretty and they put a lot of work into making it perfect.

The blue lights were blinking so it looked like water running down the hill.

We also put up our tree that day. It just seemed like a good time since we would be home all day anyway. Brennan had a lot of fun going through everything, especially playing with his train:)


  1. Kim- I can't quite see to type this as I cry for you! I experienced a miscarriage as well. As hard as that was I could never imagine going through what you all went through with your little girls! My heart breaks for you! Sending prayers for peace.

    (found you through The Chapters of Our Lives)

  2. Hey sweetie! I've been bad at reading blogs lately:( it's so hard to enjoy the holidays when something is missing..last year it was so hard seeing my kids so excited when all I wanted to do was crawl in a hole..seeing those sweet happy faces helps though;) Brennan is adorable!! Hugs!!!