Thursday, November 3, 2011

learning and growing

I am constantly going back and forth between feeling like Brennan is still a little boy and my baby (which he is!) and getting to be such a big boy (which he is!). I am so thankful that he loves to learn. He loves for me to read to him and he is starting to read on his own. I am mostly so proud of the effort he puts into it. I know he would not be doing the things he does if it wasn't for the fabulous preschool program he is in.

He does need some practice with writing, something he is not a big fan of. He can write letters and his name well, but he has a hard time staying in between the lines and making his letters the same size, etc. Part of it is a lot of times he isn't trying his best. He does it just to get it done and doesn't put a lot of effort in. We have been practicing at home with the rest of his homework so hopefully soon it will just come more naturally.

Every week at school he learns a new letter and he has a book that he brings home to read to us. They circle the letter of the week throughout the book and each page has a picture of the word, at the end sometimes they draw their own picture. This week is "H" so he had to draw his house. This is the first drawing that Brennan has actually put thought into drawing something specific:) I am always proud of anything he does, but he never really tries to draw anything in particular, it is always just scribbles (he calls it that too). I was so excited when I saw this!

He explained what everything was and I loved seeing how everything came together in his picture:)

He loves tracing his hand and today he got a project to make Thanksgiving place mats to give to nursing home residents when they perform their Thanksgiving play for them.

Here is the turkey he made today on one of his place mats;)

Sometimes I get a little sad about how fast he is growing, but it is always exciting to see your child succeed.

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