Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Lion King

The Lion King-Broadway Musical

 So this is the best show I've ever seen. It was amazing! The detail of the props and the costumes, talk about creativity. You can see the clip here, I had chills for quite a while in the beginning, it was so phenomenal. We went Tuesday night.

Me and my date:)

Preshow, they had some cute little dancers across the street at the park before the show.

Giant mosaic bunny-can't even imagine how much work was put into making this bunny. The kids loved it!

I had my camera before the show and we were standing in line and there was a sign that said 'no cameras' so I asked the attendant outside and she confirmed, no cameras. So we trucked it back out to the car, which I don't mind the walk, but I was in heels and I wanted to get inside because they had activities for the kids. Anyway, I took my camera out to the car and then we got inside and they didn't check my purse and everyone had cameras. I was so pissed. I asked and they said there was just no photography allowed inside the theater. So that was a bummer because then I just had my cell phone, but at least I had something I guess.

This theater is beautiful! It is a very fancy and detailed structure. Brennan loved these dragons. He wanted his picture taken with it every time we walked by it.

He insisted on taking my picture with it too:)

They got to decorate these little hats before the show.

They had a lot of things for the kids to do before as well as people with little entertaining acts. Here he is with a diabolo which is a chinese yo yo.

Photos collected from,,

Simba and Nala


The hyenas

Pumbaa and Timon


These giraffes are a person on stilts-arms and legs.

Brennan really enjoyed the show and we were still talking about it this morning. Brennan decided he wanted his face painted like a lion.

I was trying to get more pictures, but he was running and hiding from me!

I was lucky enough to get my face painted:) He really did a good job!

We had lots of fun with this:)

We also made apple smoothie's with a recipe from Eckert's.

We really do school stuff! Here is Brennan with his morning chart. He finds the date for the day and I have him move the arms of the clock to whatever time I tell him (he is just doing on the hour right now), and we go over color words. Any other ideas for our chart? I have room, I was thinking of the seasons and maybe a compass of some sort. 

We cross off each day we're in school on the 100's chart. 

We write the temperature outside in the appropriate spot on the thermometer.

Here are Brennan and Bear counting to 100.

They both got stickers for doing such a good job!

Brennan wrote his numbers 1-10 by himself.

We also surprise each other with paintings. Today, Brennan painted me a paint palette:)

I surprised him with a lion! (Don't make fun!)

Today (Wednesday) really was a fun day! I struggle with him sometimes to actually do work, but today he did everything with no complaints. He read two books and did not say once that he was done before he finished, he practiced writing the letter A and wrote a word with A in it. We did some patterns, counted by 5's. We did some little activities in his Lion King book he got last night. He even said "Mommy, I love homeschooling with you!" 


  1. Oh wow that looks Awesome I really want to see it when it comes back to L.A. How sweet that Brennan said he love homeschooling awww that melts my heart. You are doing a great job and remember he is learning in many ways besides just reading and writing. Email me any time my friend

  2. I have wanted to take my crew to Lion King...I have to find one that is close to me...but this sounds amazing! I love all the picture you captured! I love that your son loves to homeschool! I love it and my kids love it too!