Sunday, November 25, 2012

Too good to be true

Once again, I haven't been on in forever. Last week was crazy because I worked a lot in a little amount of time, including Thanksgiving. I didn't really have a Thanksgiving, which was a bit of a bummer but I'm thinking of the trade off which is that I am off all of Christmas this year and for being a nurse that's pretty rare. Actually, right after Thanksgiving I saw this on true!

We did get to go visit Casey's family this weekend, which was really nice because we haven't seen them in quite a while. While we were there, Casey and I were talking to his brother about Brennan. They were saying how good he is and that he listens so well (his brother was surprised because Casey and his brother were not  good boys!) We were telling stories about Brennan like how he turned down ice cream at the babysitter's because he didn't think I would approve of that for a snack! My mom says he is brainwashed:) I think it's good, although I would not have minded one bit if he would have had some ice cream! 

After talking a while, Casey's brother said "He is too good to be true" and it's funny because I think that all the time. And not because I think he never makes mistakes or is always perfect in how he acts, but because he is the most amazing piece of my life. I love listening to him chatting us up, I love his curiosity, his interest in every detail about everything, his sweetness, his intelligence, his developing personality. I feel overwhelmed with fortune that I get to be his teacher this year and get to spend so much time with him. I often look at him and think that he is too good to be true. He picks flowers for me every time we are outside and sometimes even if we are hanging out indoors, he goes outside just to pick one.

I come home from work to flowers like these after he has made a trip to the store with Casey. He tells me I am pretty every day and then comes back to correct himself and says "No wait, you are beautiful" He sings "Oh mommy girl, oh mommy girl, you are so o pretty." (To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree)

 A couple of weeks ago, he asked if we could take roses to Reese and Scotlyn's grave. 

I love his love for all animals and his interest in every single one. I also love listening to him talk to his stuffed animals like they are real, with real feelings. He even feeds them sometimes before we leave and they are a big part of our daily routine:) He asked for this picture with Bear.

He is so sweet and loving and caring and I am not bragging that he is the perfect child, but to me he is my perfect child and I am thankful for that.


  1. Nurses are special:-)
    I can tell you that you have one CUTE kid! I think he is blessed to have u for a mom and you are blessed to have such a sweet boy! He is killer cute!:-)))
    Big Hugs!!!!

  2. This is such a sweet post. I can see your love for your family in every post and obviously this one. He looks like such a sweet boy and so happy! I'm glad that you have him and that you are able to spend so much time together.