Friday, November 9, 2012

Shawnee Trip

I am waaaay behind in blogging. I am a little overwhelmed at where to even begin especially because I don't see much time in the near future to catch up. I have a feeling there will be one post with lots of randomness.

I got behind with all of my challenge posts in October so this is from mid October when my mom, Brennan and I drove a couple of hours to Southern Illinois.

It was the most perfect and most beautiful time to go.

Illinois is not always prettiest state, it was amazing that just a short drive could bring all of this beauty.

Moss and fungi

Walking some trails

We made a stop at The Chocolate Factory:)

Picking out ice cream...

2 scoops? Yes please!

Everything was made entirely of chocolate!


Chocolate hairdryer or measuring spoons

And this is our cute little cabin that sat right on the Ohio River.

It was so gorgeous and peaceful!

Across the river was Kentucky so Brennan got another little geographical lesson.

We saw deer everywhere! And they were not afraid of us. Some were standing right on the side of road while we drove by.

We ventured into some caves at Cave in Rock.

Gigantic orb behind us

The next morning Brennan had a cup of hot chocolate by the rive in his jammies:) 

This is right before we left the cabin to head back home.

First stop on the way out was Garden of the Gods. So beautiful! I wish we could have seen more, but it was raining:( 

We did stop in a little cave and take some pictures.

Being silly!

This tree was soooo pretty! We wanted a picture of Brennan by it, but it was raining so my mom was holding the umbrella over Brennan until I could snap a couple of pictures.

It was just way too silly to be getting rained on!

Next stop was Bandy's Pumpkin Patch. Lots of fun stuff-as you can see:)

We learned how a pumpkin grows.

Shooting corn cobs at a target (this was a BIG hit)

It was even fun when GiGi did it!

They had a huge barn with the corn troughs, these 2 huge slides and a bounce house.

We all went down, even GiGi:)

Here is my beautiful momma, she got her face painted for the Cardinals (that was when they were supposed to win the World Series!)

It was so nice to get away, even for just one night. We did a lot of fun stuff in just 2 days!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!!!! I love the beautiful pictures you look so happy :)