Monday, August 19, 2013

My little Firsty♥

Being silly before school:)

Don't be fooled by the smiles, there were NO smiles at school. More like tears:( 

I posted a little about Brennan's separation issues this summer and they have gotten so much better. Although we kind of backed out of all activities for a while. Which has been really nice by the way. Even with me going to work, Brennan got a lot better. We talked  a lot about school. I explained all of the classes, lunch, recess, what time he would go, what time I would pick him up, we did some reviewing of lessons and sight words. He was saying he was excited and nervous until we took a trip to the school a couple of weeks ago and looked around. We looked in classrooms, the library, the computer lab, he played with the lockers, and after that he was no longer nervous. Then we had open house last week and he was in his classroom and played with the lockers again (his favorite thing!) and continued to act more excited. He has his preschool teacher this year for first grade so we thought that would be a good transition. 

He still had a very hard time with me leaving this morning. And there is no reasoning with him-he runs out after me so the teacher had to hold him for a little bit. I tried to tell Brennan before that if he can stay calm and does okay with me leaving then I will be able to come back at some point and help in the classroom otherwise, I know his teacher (and don't blame her one bit), but they want the kids to have independence and this does not show that! Even though I don't think there is anything wrong with Brennan, I don't regret homeschooling for a minute and I would do again this year in a heartbeat if Casey would agree to it, but I know in school how important the independence is for students. So anyway, I'm sure we've blown the whole volunteering thing, at least until we can get our act together:)

Ben 10 backpack:)

Putting his backpack in his locker:) 

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