Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Brennan has loved having Brooks home and has not once said anything negative about it, but he has been acting different in other ways so the only thing I can think of is that it is related to the change. Obviously, Brennan has been an only child for 7 1/2 years now. And while I don't think he is necessarily jealous, I think he is noticing that the attention is being divided. Since Brennan was born (well since about 9 months old, post first winter) we have always done a lot of adventures from the zoo to the aquarium to play dates. Lately, not just since Brooks was born, but even the last part of my pregnancy we haven't been able to do those things. I can tell a difference when we have gotten out to do things recently, even if it's just for a short time. So I have been trying to take some time out just for Brennan. When Brooks was in the hospital, I tried to keep our schedule similar to before for Brennan, but no matter what there was never enough time to do everything. And now that Brooks is home and it has been cold and avoiding illness, we still haven't been doing much. He just started playing basketball and Casey is coaching, so he is loving that.

This weekend the weather was so nice so I took Brennan to the zoo. The zoo is our favorite place to go! We got a membership for Christmas so that's even more reason to go:)

We met my friend, Angie, and her family there. Her boys are 2 and 3 and they all have so much fun! I really wanted to take Brooks, but for obvious reasons I couldn't, but Brennan and I are so looking forward to outings when we can bring our new little man! Brennan kept saying he wished Brooks could come:)

Brennan is learning about penguins at school so he was excited to see them. Its one of our favorite spots, but unfortunately the indoor exhibit is still closed.

This boy is seriously growing so much! He eats constantly, every time I turn around he asking for something else to eat. And usually since its gradual you don't notice how much they've grown, but lately I look at him and he looks huge to me! It could also have something to do with looking at him after looking at my itty bitty baby love;)

But really, we have been teasing him about a flood coming because all of his jammies are so short, then we had to explain the joke to him:)

We have also been doing some fun projects around the house. I forgot that we had saved the box from Brooks' glider so we got that out of the basement and made a rocketship (that turned out to look more like a house because my hands are so raw from washing them and everything else that I could not cut any more pieces!) Either way, he was happy with it and has had so much fun playing in it!

Brennan got an Ipod for Christmas. It was one of the few gifts he had on his list and he loves it! I really like it for him too. There were a few positives I saw for him having it. One was that it is a responsibility for him to keep track of it, keep it charged, take care of it. He can also facetime with our family, my brother lives out of town so this was especially important to me for them to have that connection. However, we then found the hangouts app which is like facetime for android. So Brennan can also text us now. He is pretty cute in his texts, although sometimes it just says "poop" with a bunch of turd emojis after:p

He did send me this text the other day, so funny!

Will you give brooks a baba👩👶🍼 

Anyway, it's be kind of fun little communication tool for our family. Also, since we aren't having any visitors right now except our parents and siblings, it has been nice to put Brooks on face time so people can see him:)

Brooks had his last eye exam yesterday. She said his eyes look great. They are still immature, but she is okay with that being his last exam. If he were to develop an upper respiratory infection in the next month or two and have to go back to the hospital and require oxygen then she would want him to have another exam then. The oxygen can affect the underdeveloped vessels and cause retinopathy. However, we are going through great lengths to keep him from getting sick so let's hope that doesn't happen.

He has a regular pediatrician appt tomorrow. I am curious to see what he weighs. His nurse came last Wednesday, but he hasn't been weighed since. He has been eating well. I have an app on my phone that I record all of his feedings. He is now wanting to eat every 2 hours sometimes, which I wasn't crazy about only because I didn't want him to take a lesser amount, but he has actually been taking pretty close to his normal amounts when he does so he is still just eating on demand-even if it is every 2 hours. He sleeps good at night and I think he has his days/nights down. He is usually awake for a couple of hours after his first am bottle which the time varies, but anywhere from 6-8am. Then he mostly sleeps through the day and is awake in the evening time. He is fussy in the evening and it can be a bit of a challenge to get him to sleep sometimes. Last night being the worst, but hopefully that isn't a trend:)

I think I'm the big boy holding my bottle:)

Overall, he is so sweet and we are all in awe of him♥


  1. My boys are 7 years apart. Carter struggled at first but then one day he woke up and was almost a completely different, more mature, Carter. He seems more responsible now, more grown up. Give Brennan some time and I am sure he will take on the responsible big brother role just like Carter did. You can tell Brennan is an awesome big brother and he has a lot of love for him. Congrats again on Brooks, he is a cutie.