Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A baby that is born after the loss of a baby or babies is called a Rainbow Baby.  Rainbow Babies bring new hope to life after the "storm".

Brooks is our Rainbow Baby. 

Today I was carrying Brooks around the house to get him to sleep and I turned on a lullaby station on Pandora (highly recommended by the way) and the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow came on and I was immediately in tears looking at my sweet little rainbow. 

"Dreams you dare to dream really come true."

I still can't believe he is mine. I don't think I could ever really believe that it was possible to have another baby here on earth. I didn't really believe it until he came home and then all I could think about was how long was I going to get to keep him. It's becoming more real and I know as time goes on it will get better, but for now I am just thankful he is here and thriving.

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  1. There are so many times that I go to pick Owen up and am hit by the same feelings. It makes me think about what I'm doing as a mama and (hopefully) it makes me more patient and loving and appreciative. A rainbow baby is a glorious thing :) I am so happy for you friend!