Thursday, February 26, 2015

One month

Brooks was one month, adjusted, on Monday. We've been spending our time snuggling and playing with this little man:)

He's so sweet! He gets to kicking his legs and moving his arms, so cute!

I woke up to this face around 4:30am one day-such a precious little face.

Brennan being silly acting like a baby.

Brooks was mad that Brennan was playing with his mobile;) Not really, but this picture makes me laugh. Not that I want to see my babe crying (and believe me it wasn't for long!), but these 2 are so funny!

We had some snow flurries today so I had to make sure my birdies had some food:)

They were waiting on the deck for their turn at the bird feeder.

I knew we had one male cardinal and a female cardinal, but today I saw two males. So pretty.

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