Thursday, February 19, 2015

What 3 months looks like

3 months for Brooks looks like 8lbs of sweetness!

The nurse came to the house today to give his synagis (to help with the severity of RSV should he get it), which is a shot in the muscle similar to a vaccination-poor guy:( He did pretty good though, cried a little, but settled pretty easily. Thankfully we didn't have to get him out to get it because it is ZERO degrees here-eek!!! 

Brennan's school got called off today and I was so glad! I was hoping he would get called of school on one of my days off last week, but he didn't and I said last night I bet they would call off for the cold weather and they did! He has another cold, unfortunately, so I have been sanitizing and reminding him to wash/sanitize. He is good about not getting close to Brooks, but it was so nice the short time that he was well that we didn't have to worry about that and he could love on him again! He must have picked it up last weekend because he was sick before he went back to school this week. 

His sweet sleepy self♥

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