Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boys weekend

We had a fun and exciting weekend! Brooks is really smiling and responding to us when we talk to him which is SO fun:) This video doesn't actually show much of that, but it talks about it;) and it was too funny not to post!


Thursday it was fairly nice out, Brennan was playing outside after school and decided to get his bike out. I was helping him a little because he still hadn't mastered bike riding last year. Well, this is his year because he's got it down! I was so proud of him, he rode and rode in our driveway (we live on 2 acres out of town so no sidewalks). Friday, he came home from school and really wanted to ride his bike. He was so upset that it was raining and he said "I just have to ride my bike!" So I told him go ride in the rain! I mean, he just had to so what other choice did we have;) Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of him in the rain because Casey was working on his truck in the garage and I was taking care of Brooks, but he rode out there for hours!

Then Saturday, Casey took him to a bike trail down the road from us. He had so much fun! This trail is so amazing! They have a trail that goes around the college campus that is level and pretty short, then they have other trails that has bridges that go over the highway and are longer, part of it goes through a lightly wooded area, which is really peaceful. You just have a lot of options and it is really nice!

He decided yesterday that since he went with daddy Saturday that he and I should go today-so we did! Honestly, I was ready for some exercise (obviously lots of baby weight plus some to lose!) so it was perfect. And gorgeous weather, which I have also been craving!

There was this huge puddle (more like flooding) on the trail and Brennan had a blast riding through it over and over. Needless to say, his tennis shoes were soaked and he was covered in mud! It was a little boys dream:)

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