Monday, March 9, 2015


I was staring at Brooks asleep in my arms the other night and I found myself in tears-he has the exact same mouth as Reese. I always thought that Reese looked like Brennan and obviously Brooks looks just like Brennan and they have the same mouth, but when I saw his little mouth just the way I've seen it in pictures of Reese it brought on so many emotions.

I'm sure for some, maybe most people, these pictures are hard to look at. To me, they are beautiful. They are important memories of Reese and Scotlyn. Although I saw them alive, I did not see them without tubes. I daydream about what they would look like today and how their little personalities would be, would they would have similar personalities or totally different. How much would they look like their brothers. I feel completely robbed of not only getting to raise my daughters, but getting to raise my twin daughters.  

So when I was staring at this precious gem, I saw his big sister in him. And it made me sad. I wish I could say it makes me happy to be able to see part of her in him, but I'm not there yet. I'm still very sad and I miss Reese and Scotlyn But I am so very grateful to have this little guy. He is a shining light♥

Scotlyn is on the left and Reese is on the right♥

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  1. my heart ache for you. How I wish your sweet girls were there waiting to hold their baby brother. Saying a prayer for peace and comfort for your heart.