Thursday, March 5, 2015


Brooks loves his mobile:)

It's one of the things we routinely play with.

and hanging out with his big brother!

We had a fun day. We played in the morning and then after lunch we picked up Brennan and took him to the eye doctor. This is the first time Brooks has gone anywhere other than his own doctor and Maw Maw's house. I knew there wouldn't be many people there and it wouldn't take long so I just kept him in his seat:)

Brennan was having headaches and said he couldn't see the board from the back of the room so I took him in for a test. Casey and I both have glasses so I wouldn't be surprised if he needs them eventually, but thankfully today was not the day! The doctor did say he has large optic nerves which can mean glaucoma later in life, but hopefully not. 

I made Brooks an announcement. I didn't mail any out so here they are!:) He had his 2 month shots on Saturday and he weighed 8lb 9oz so he is still growing well. He is starting to smile more and I just love my time with him♥

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