Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magic House

Brennan and I had a very fun trip to The Magic House today. That place is so awesome! We stayed forever today-Brennan was already tired on the way there, but he is just the type of kid that goes and goes and goes, but once he stops he is out. I had to make him leave or he would have just kept going. Of course he fell asleep in the car on the way home:)

At some point for some reason I realized he was wearing the same shirt as last time we went. I looked back at our last Magic House adventure to confirm.

I was looking through the pictures and noticed that we only did one or two of the same things this time and we were there quite a while both times. That tells you how much there is to do at this place.

He was fishing in this little pond.

They had little fishing poles with magnets and you catch the fish.

Then you take your fish across the room and drop them in a smaller pond with a 'current' and they float along under this clear plexi glass in the floor and you can watch them float along back to the pond. He did this many many times!

This little supermarket was just like a real supermarket.

They had a cash register with play money, a debit/credit card machine, lots of groceries, shopping baskets-everything.

Brennan loved this too. He kept telling me to buy something and he was standing at the register and when I would say thank you after 'checking out' and walk away, he would say "Don't forget to get a movie (or banana or soup, etc)"

I told him he would be a good salesman:) The first time (out of about 20) he told me "Thank you. Have a nice day." He cracks me up!

There is a new Bob the Builder exhibit.

He was finally ready to climb on the beanstalk and we got kicked off:( We went earlier than it opened-maybe for members or something, but only certain things were open. They had some school field trips and they were allowed on there so we didn't realize it was closed. We planned to go back, but had so much fun with everything else we never got back there..

This is random, but Brennan always asks when he washes his hands at the sinks in public "Is this just my size?" This one actually was so I had to get a picture of him at it.

He was changing the tire on this car:) Papa would be proud!

The water table was of course a must do again, water is his favorite:)

I was so proud of Brennan for making this triangle by himself at the water table.

This little restaurant is a riot! They have all of these table set up for parents and kids to 'dine' at and the kids were hilarious. They were all telling us to have a seat and they would serve us. Brennan even took a break from cooking to have a piece of pizza with me;)

Brennan is totally a 'monkey see, monkey do' type of kid so when he saw someone go down the slide like this, he was all for it.

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