Friday, January 7, 2011

magic all around

For Christmas, my mom got us a membership to the Magic House in St Louis. We took Brennan there yesterday for the first time and he had a blast! There is SO much to do there, I didn't even realize how much it has grown. It really is a fun, educational place and Brennan loved it. We can pretty much go anytime we want for free so I'm sure we will be spending a lot of days there, especially with the cold weather.

Bob the Builder Exhibit is coming to the Magic House at the end of the month and we are looking forward to that. Brennan liked playing in this construction zone.

Brennan really liked this-it was like a pneumatic tube that you could put yarn balls or pieces of cloth in. It shot around in the tube and then flew out-that was his favorite part:)

Jack and the Beanstalk slide. Brennan actually was not a fan of this, which isn't surprising. He gets intimidated very easily by bigger kids on things like this. I'm hoping with us going there quite a bit that he will learn to love it because it sure looks fun:)



He loved the ABC's and looking in the doors to see what object was behind which letter. He did so good and I was glad to get a little review in before his first day back to school today:) He has known the alphabet and recognized each letter for quite some time, but this year in school he has learned all of the sounds of each letter too. I'm really impressed by how much he is learning at school. I thought he may be too distracted by the other kids and so much going on to really soak much in, but he has really learned a lot. He has an amazing teacher! I just discovered the other day that he can sound out a word and tell me what letter it begins with. I was very proud to say the least.

Brennan liked this giant calculator too-he loves numbers:)

We were there for quite a while and didn't spend a lot of time on one thing and we still did not do everything. Which actually is quite alright so we will have some new things to do next time we go.

It was no surprise that one of Brennan's favorite stations was the giant water table. He loves water! That was the first station he played at. When we decide to leave somewhere, Casey is ready to leave, but we kept discovering new things to do on the way out. I kept saying "Let him do one more thing, one more thing, one more thing". Then we got back to the water table and of course he wanted to play in it again:) He got pretty soaked the second time so next time I know to bring an extra change of clothes! Luckily I had a little jacket in the car that he could wear instead of his wet shirt.

They had lots of musical stations, recycling, pretend-which makes up for about 90% of Brennan's playtime, slides, bubbles, a construction site, pretty much any child's dream:)

This made a gigantic bubble around Brennan, he thought that was pretty funny!

I found this sign very interesting...I would absolutely not be surprised if this is my 3 year old already and I am a little concerned that age 4 has more questions to answer! Although I do love to answer Brennan's questions because he really listens to what you say, he analyzes, and interprets very well. He learns a lot from the many questions he asks:)

Some parts of the Magic House need no explanation.

Needless to say, great gift idea GiGi!

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