Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Party

There is a lot of Easter going on around here! Brennan had his party at school this week and of course they did a lot of fun stuff!

The Easter baskets they made are soooo cute!!! It is made from a milk jug!

"What's inside, mom?" That's all he was concerned about!

Brennan dying Easter eggs.

Are these not ridiculously adorable?!?! Brennan's teacher's assistant is a super baker-cheese cakes, cookies, etc and she made these cute little carrot stick flower pots! Inside the flower pots was veggie dip. So creative!

I just loved the little carrot garden.

Brennan played a game with his teacher. They were racing to get the eggs with their legs tied together.

Brennan's teachers birthday was Monday so Tuesday the kids gave her cards they made and Brennan got her an Easter Lilly:)

She loved it:)

Brennan gave these books out to his friends in his class:) We LOVE the mouse, moose, pig stories.

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