Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Great Outdoors!

With the warm weather we had recently, we have been getting all of Brennan's "vehicles" out. We had to store them for the winter because they take up so much room in our garage!

Brennan had his first skinned knee of the year and you would have thought it was the end of the world-he was still talking about it at bedtime! He has always been a really cautious guy and really thinking back, he hasn't fallen a whole heck of a lot. To have a boo boo to notice anyway. Well, he was not fond of this one:)

Brennan was playing in a dirt pile in the back of our property. He is doing a gardening unit at school and bugs go right along with that so he is supposed to bring bugs to school on Friday to put in their bug house. He found a centipede in the dirt pile so we decided he would be a good bug friend to take to school. Brennan named him Box. He decided that Box needed some friends so we had to search for more crawly critters.

He loved playing in the dirt:)

He was waving this around in the dirt saying "Mommy look, I'm tickling the bugs."

This is what I get lately when I ask for a smile...silly silly and more silly!


  1. Thank you for your comment =). You're welcome to email me as well...! Your story is so touching and your pictures of your girls truly breaks my heart, but you're such a strong person for getting through that. Your little boy is precious! =)

  2. I can relate to the over-crowded garage! Aiden has a very similar collection of vehicles...the bike, scooter, and just about everything Radio Flyer makes! He even has an old-school "Big Wheels" that we found at that old house we bought. AND, Aiden had his first big knee scrape this past weekend!!