Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Brennan woke up very crabby this Easter morning-late to bed, early to rise is his motto. It never works out well for him though.

He was very happy when he saw that the Easter bunny had visited our home. Unfortunately, it has been so wet and rainy here that the Easter bunny couldn't hide the eggs outside:( Come to think of it, I don't think we have ever had an egg hunt outside at our house on Easter morning...some day we will I'm sure. I was so busy video taping him hunting his eggs I didn't get any pictures of him in action.

He of course had to watch Spider Man immediately after receiving his characters.

Brennan loves this book and we have been reading it a lot lately with Easter. It is about a mouse named Owen that gets different kinds of candy in his basket and he eats it all up except the marshmallow chick. He is fond of his marshmallow chick so he keeps him. Very cute story so I put the same candy that was in Owen's basket in Brennan's basket-a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, buttercream eggs and a little marshmallow chick:)

Last night we had Easter dinner with my mother-in-law and Casey's aunt from Peoria. We had a very nice time visiting and Brennan enjoyed all of the goodies he got there:) Today we're having brunch at my dad's house and dinner at my mom's house with my grandparents. We are so lucky to live near most of our family and get to enjoy these holidays with them:)

I picked up these little decorative Easter eggs at Eckert's the other day. I got one for Brennan, one for Reese and one for Scotlyn.

This week Brennan and I took a trip to Build A Bear to make Reese and Scotlyn bunnies for Easter. Brennan's room is decorated in Cardinals so when I was pregnant with him we got him a Fred Bird Build A Bear. We bought him unstuffed and recorded Brennan's heart beat on a recordable device then placed the device in Fred Bird and had him stuffed. I wanted to do the same for Reese and Scotlyn so I bought 2 recordable devices while I was pregnant with them and recorded their heart beats. It has been so hard for me to even look at them much less listen to them, but I decided this is a good time to take Brennan and let him pick out their animals. This is what he chose:)

Trying to decide which one...

Picking their hearts, kissed each one:)

Putting the heart in...

Giving them baths (he couldn't wait to do this!)

Little beauties:)

Today is Reese and Scotlyns' 9 month birthday. I miss them every moment of every day and I wish more than anything that they were here with us.

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  1. Kim, They are with you. You may not be able to see them or hold them, but they are there. If you want to touch them, hold your heart.

    Love you, Teri