Sunday, May 22, 2011

I have so many things I want to post about and not enough time!!! I have been working extra since Casey is on summer break and my house has been neglected. My computer room is about ready to be eligible for an episode on Hoarders!

Well, here is one thing I wanted to add since I just posted about our recent Cardinal game, Brennan's previous Cardinals games. This is the first game he went to with me and my best friend Kate and her little guy Brody. Brody was about 6 months old and Brennan was 11 months. I wish we would have known about the play area then because we carried these guys around the whole time in our carriers!

Brennan's first time meeting Fredbird.

Here is the second time he went when he was almost 2 with Casey and I, we pretty much played in the play area the whole time and met with Fredbird again:)

2009-His shirt says "The Cubs cry more than I do":)


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