Sunday, September 4, 2011

First time Fishing!

Yesterday we took Brennan to a "Kid's Fishing Rodeo" in town. Brennan got a fishing pole from his friend, Carter, for his birthday and we haven't had a chance to use it yet. This was the perfect opportunity.

We happened to see our neighbors there so we fished with them:) These are our neighbors that invited us to swimming lessons at their house this summer.

Brennan and Caiden are only 6 days apart! Our backyards almost touch so I can see these two running through the field behind our house to play someday:)

I never really thought Brennan would have friends around our house that he would actually be able to go meet without me having to take him. We live out of town, but our street is windy and a little busy at times and the houses aren't very close together because everyone has at least one acre. Obviously is won't be for quite some time that they will be able to run through the yards to meet, but it's a nice thought for the future:)

Even though we didn't catch anything, Brennan had a pretty good time.

Brennan had another little friend join him, too:)

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