Monday, September 12, 2011

The Gym

I posted about The Gym here in the spring. Well, Friday was the first day they had open play at The World Class Gym since spring, it is only available during the school year. Last year Brennan went to school on both days it was offered and this year he is off both days it is offered!

I'm not sure I've posted about Brennan's "rankings" in his preschool screening in May, but he is low in his physical level. I don't really think it is anything to be really concerned about since he was 11 weeks premature and gross motor has always been weakness for him, but I have been trying to get him involved in anything that will boost his physical abilities. I have been taking him to the gym for a very long time and he has always enjoyed it, but this year I am seeing how beneficial it is to him physically. I'm thinking with cold weather approaching we will be frequenting this place alot!

We happened to see one of Brennan's classmates there. They had a lot of fun playing together at WCG and then we had lunch at McDonald's after:) Aren't they adorable?!

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