Friday, September 2, 2011

Soccer and such

I have been a total blog slacker, but I decided to post a few pictures (I've been slacking in that department too!)

So here is one thing Brennan does with my phone when he plays with it. He usually plays Angry Birds, does finger painting on it, watches videos on youtube (funny kitties), but usually he takes random pictures and videos (as seen below). So I get my phone back and these are the kind of pictures I find..

as well as random pictures of the floor, the wall, etc. He is a silly boy! It's really funny to look through my pictures and be surprised to find goofy pictures like this-it's not a perfect smiling, centered picture, but I love it because it's my sweet boy being his carefree amazing self!

I think my last post I mentioned that Brennan was starting soccer. His first practice was cancelled due to the rain:( So his first real practice was last weekend. He was listening, paying attention and participating really well, until I got there. Brennan apparently then decided that he didn't like soccer and proceeded to cry and run to me every 5 seconds. I debated whether or not we should just leave because what is the point of sitting there in the heat if he isn't playing, but I decided to walk him out onto the field and once I got him out there I thought I would slowly move to the side. Yeah, that didn't work. He just kept running back to me crying wanting me to sit right next to him and the other kids while the coach was talking to them. Then they started playing little mini games (practicing) so I had to go out with him and basically hold his hand while he is running down the field-what else can you do but laugh?! It was rather silly. Casey was really frustrated and decided that I am not allowed to come anymore;) As it turns out I will not be able to attend every other practice anyway because I work weekends, but a girl at work suggested I go in disguise and blend with the crowd on the days I can go-now that sounds like a plan!:)

So as if the whole fiasco with him not wanting to play wasn't bad enough-I brought my camera and no memory card so I only got a couple of pictures with my phone. I did get him in action doing some drills during practice:)

Not the most perfect morning, but in scheme of things, not worth stressing over either!

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